Great testimony by Supermodel Kathy Ireland — This is a must-watch video on multiple levels.  Not only is she a winsome ambassador for Christ but she gave a great pro-life viewpoint based on science and reason.  Very thorough, clear and compelling.  Wow.  Major blessings to her for standing up for her faith and for life, even though it has cost her financially.

I’m not sure if Huckabee would make a great President but his talk show has been impressive the couple times I’ve caught it.

Hat tip: Stand to Reason

Let the Humane Society blog know that you appreciate them using Rush Limbaugh as a spokesman.  Sadly, some haters want you to boycott the Humane Society for using Rush.  These people are so vile and mean that they can’t even stand for an ideological opponent to support a cause they (allegedly) care about.  The irony of the intolerance of the “tolerant” is lost on them.

Wouldn’t they look at it as an opportunity to see the good in Rush (by their definition)?  I think theological liberals like that have an intellectually bankrupt worldview but if they stopped being pro-abortion, for example, I would be the first to welcome them to the side of good (at least on one topic).

It’s official: Obama’s socialism will lead to fascism — In Obama-land, this is how they see the world:

  • North Korea?  Not a threat.
  • Iran?  Not a threat.
  • Al Qaeda?  Not a threat. 
  • Pro-lifers?  Big threat.

The smug reactions of the media to the TEA parties are typified in the video below.  Media bias?  What media bias?  And you can see images of the violent and evil (eeevil!) TEA party participants here and here.  I didn’t know two of my favorite bloggers were high level Republican Party operatives. 

Yep, these gatherings were nothing like the family-friendly fare you get at your average gay event (warning: graphic). 

Then there’s the ironically extreme racism of people like Garafalo and Olbermann.  This is good news, in a way.  They are scared that we’re fighting back and must rationalize away the success of the TEA parties.

0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. On the CNN clip:
    Lincoln was very concerned about one man living off “the sweat of another man’s brow”. Also, he leaned heavily on the words in the Declaration of Independence, “all men are created equal” in his politically formative debates with Stephen A. Douglas on the issue of slavery. Ironically, I suppose, is the fact that we have moved over a few words in that same document in a different epic struggle against injustice, the very struggle that marks our day; abortion. Those words are: “unalienable Rights that among these are Life”.

    Aside from the increasingly ridiculous pretence of CNN’s ability to objectively journal America’s current events, as this reporter so aptly exhibits by her undaunted curiosity into the minds of these “news-makers”, ( it would seem the only thing missing from her “journalistic” accouterments was an Obama “yes we can” sign ) the man had a point. The issue of course in Lincoln’s day was slavery. Working through this in his younger years he reasoned that a man’s labor equaled capital, and that a man ought to be able to keep as much of the capital that he creates as is possible. As working Americans count the days between the first of the year and the day that they actually begin to keep 100% of what they earn, they are actually counting an increasing number of days that they are in servitude to a government that shows no restraint and squanders and waists the fruits of their labor.

    Also, this woman is by profession a speaker and as such, one would suppose, understands the difficulty for those inexperienced as speakers getting their point across. Yet she interrupts him to tell him he’s…, what,… eligible for four a hundred dollar tax credit? What an affront. It wouldn’t be difficult to imagine similar sounding shallow arguments coming out of the mouths of the slave owners to their presupposed stupid slaves as to the advantages of their captivity. And to add insult to injury, to then tell them that the plantation for which they work would receive fifty billion. The slaves might have been ignorant, but they weren’t stupid. They knew that what was good for the plantation wasn’t good for them. And we know that precious few Illinoisans are going to see a dime of her so preciously espoused fifty billion dollar handout.


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