Just dial 911 for all your needs!

There seem to be more cases of ridiculous calls to 911 operators in the news lately, such as not enough shrimp in a meal or because McDonald’s was out of Chicken McNuggets.  I tend to ignore these stories, assuming that with over 300 million people in the country that a lot of truly stupid things will be done each day.

But The Bumbling Genius brought up a good point:

Latreasa Goodman is in trouble with the Ft Pierce police because she called 911 three times on March 4th because McDonald’s was out of Chicken McNuggets. At first glance this would seem outrageous, but this is one time I’m agreeing with the perp.

. . .

Granted, this is no reason to call 911 but consider her circumstances. She was probably educated in a government school where it was drilled into her head for six hours a day for practically her entire life that the government was the solution to all her problems. Furthermore she was likely not taught anything about how government works and what to do when a huge gigantic worldwide chain store basically steals her four dollars and ninety eight cents.

These callers seem certain that dialing 911 is a perfectly logical thing to do.  After all, Obama & Co. promise to solve all your problems, no questions asked!

0 thoughts on “Just dial 911 for all your needs!”

  1. These news stories certainly aren’t significant enough to be central in any argument against the modern left’s radical collectivism, but a writer can mention these stories in a minor, light-hearted way as connecting some very small dots to a much larger point.

    Joanne, do you really want to argue that these recent 911-happy nitwits have a solid grounding in the American belief in rugged individualism? Do you suppose that their behavior reflects a thorough education in civics and in the role and function of government?


  2. Neil, I know somebody that would call about cold fries , I think. I don’t think Obama is supporting people wasting the government resources.


  3. Ok, at first glance this story about the nuggets does seem rediculous. However, you’re not providing enough details.

    The women in question had ordered her meal, nuggets, and already paid. Then she was informed that the store was out of nuggets. She was offered something else as a replacement but she wanted nuggets. The store would not return her money, either. So in affect, she was being robbed. She could have called the sheriff, I suppose, but how many people have that number handy. She called 911 because she was being robbed. If the 911 dispatcher felt the called was not “911 worthy,” they could have provided the sheriff’s number to the caller.

    There are truly some rediculous calls to 911, but this was not one of them.


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