Should Michael Vick be reinstated?  Yes. He has paid dearly for his serious crimes – many millions of dollars, a big chunk of his career, prison time, reputation, etc.What he did was awful, yet think of how many pro-choice people dare to criticize Vick. They think crushing and dismembering innocent human beings is fine as long as they are in the womb, but cruelty to animals is unforgivable.

The Hand of God?  Excellent analysis by the Raving Theist (formerly the Raving Atheist) about the plane crash and deaths of the children of a mega-abortionist. 

Just when you think the media bias couldn’t get any more extreme or bizarre, a CNN journalist spends 700 words explaining why he asked Obama a “tough” question.  The Lefties were apparently aghast that someone would dare ask a real question, so Ed Henry felt that he must not just communicate the news but become the news and offer an apology / explanation.

Former Homosexual Comments on George Weber Sex-Murder by Young ‘Sadomasochist’  Another sad story.  Sin has consequences. 

Some unintended consequences of Episcopal abandonment of the authority of scripture — I’m sure these Islamists could come up with lots of reasons for their violence, but still . . .

In fact, one church’s human-rights issue is creating another church’s human-rights crisis. “”Islamists had slaughtered thousands of Christians in [Bishop Josiah] Idowu-Fearon’s diocese, and Christians in Nigeria are willing to die for their faith, he said. But to be undermined by Western abandonment of biblical authority is a crushing blow.

Sudanese Anglican Archbishop Daniel “Deng Bul said Christians in Sudan ‘are called infidels by the Islamic world when they hear our brothers and sisters from the Christian world talking about same-sex [relationships] to be blessed.’ When Muslims link the churches in Sudan with the churches that have left biblical teaching on homosexuality, this gives them a way to say that Christians are evil: ‘It will give them the upper hand to kill our people,’ the archbishop warned. “

I talked with  . . . is an interesting blog site set up by Justin

If you are a Christian who regularly witnesses to people, you might be like me and want a way to follow up with those people.  That is why I have started a new website at  Say your name is Jeff and you want a webpage you can give to people you witness to so that they can read your testimony, hear the message of the gospel again, and email you questions.  You could sign up for a webpage with me and your web address could be  Cool huh?

0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Free Mike Vick.

    It still amazes me the hatred directed at this man because of some dogs. Yet thousands of human beings are ripped from their mother’s wombs and sucked into a sink every day without a shred of outrage.

    I believe Jesus shakes his head at this dichotomy.


  2. Re: The hand of God:

    God is in control of everything that happens. Either He controls what happens or He utilizes what happens for His purposes. What secularists don’t seem to understand is that God completely understands the value of a human life. He knows what each human life will accomplish before they shuffle off this mortal coil. He knows when it’s the right time for life to end. How many times has He stepped in and saved the life of someone who everyone knew for a fact was going to die? How many times has someone who should have lived until a ripe old age suddenly, and without warning been taken off this earth?

    Who has the right, other than God, to decide when it’s a person’s time to go?

    May I share with you a true story? My father, who was a lay preacher, suffered for years from a terminal disease. (Chronic Respiratory Pulmanary Disease )

    One day, in the hospital, after his doctor had told our family that he would not live through the night, my father, in intense pain and suffering, asked God to either take him or heal him.

    God chose, on that night, to heal him. He healed him completely. No trace of the disease was found in my father’s body. The doctors agreed it was a miracle.

    Soon after, my Mom and Dad traveled to the small town of Claflin Kansas, planted a church, administered the church, witnessed to the community, and, once the church became self sustainable, they returned home to Wichita.

    Almost immediately upon returning, My father’s disease returned, and he died shortly thereafter.

    Dad was convinced, as am I, that God saved him for that one particular purpose of starting a church that is still operating today.

    Like it or not, when God says it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go, and only He knows the reason. I won’t pretend to know why the family of the abortionist was taken, but I will only say, Our God is a God of Love, but He’s also a just God, and that seems to be the particular part of God’s nature that the atheists or secularists, or new agers can’t seem to grasp.

    That said, it certainly looks like poetic justice has been dealt out by the hand of God.


  3. Mark, thanks for sharing that. Atheists who decry the “immorality” of the God of the Bible ignore the obvious: He is responsible for all life starting and beginning. It is his to take.


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