money2.jpgThe tax exempt cabinet— first Geithner, now Daschle.  The timeline is even more damning to their cases than I had been led to believe.

I can’t believe the media is letting them get away with this. Oh, wait, I can believe it.  I forgot their mantra: Elect and protect Obama.

Geithner and Daschle should have been laughed off the stage. Obama hasn’t been in office two weeks and we’ve seen one thing like this after another, and his supporters don’t seem to care.

At an absolute minimum this should lead to radical simplification of our tax code.  Even if Obama and his appointees were such blatant liars it would still point out that if these experts can’t do their taxes right then who can?

UPDATE: Great video link supplied by Bill showing Daschle’s “tough on tax cheats” attitude.

Where are FEMA and Obama now?  Where is CNN? — comparing Katrina and the recent ice storm leaving 1,000,000 without power.

James White debated Bart Ehrman, an expert textual critic who nonetheless draws rather odd conclusions about the Bible — namely that if we don’t have the original writings then the Bible can’t have been inspired by God.  Interestingly, if you keep Ehrman talking long enough he concedes all sorts of important points about orthodox views on the Bible.  Read the recap.  Sounds like White did a great job in pointing out Eherman’s errors.

Some beautiful thoughts by Ms. Green on why she worships God.

Smorgasbord theology, its problems and solutions — I’m speaking to a few dozen folks at church tonight about world religions, but the foundation will be how Jesus is the only way and how other religions do not lead to God. I’ll be sharing some key differences between Christianity and major cults and religions as well as how to navigate in conversations with others to share the Gospel accurately and productively.

This should be a “duh” viewpoint on my part but I know that some of these people have been duped by the “all religions lead to God” lie.

Please pray for me!

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  1. did you actually see the interview with prez obama? if you did, you’d have recognized that he was just reading what US put on their cover. he was not making a personal attack on jessica simpson. just thought you ought to know. the blog post you referrenced did a lot of ranting and raving over something that wasn’t that big of a deal.


  2. Slightly off-topic, but I have not heard the President’s exit strategy for Afganistan yet.

    Maybe I have missed something.

    I wonder if the government will be making reparations to the families of people who were financially ruined for smaller tax errors that either Geithner or Daschle.

    I don’t know how often it happens, but I know of a
    couple of businessmen who were forced into bankruptcy by the IRS even though they were latered vindicated in court. (One was the father of a friend of mine)

    Then again, maybe it is only politicians who are not smart enough to figure out the tax code.


  3. Good point, Open Mikey. I took the link out. The transcript was accurate but the video did come across better. Still pointless of him to mention, but not as big a deal.


  4. You have at least one Obama supporter that cares, but can do nothing but watch the nightmare unfold right before our eyes 😉

    He’s scrutinizing the Republicans he reaches across the aisle to while given his colleagues a free pass–I have that about right? Yeah I noticed that too..

    SST the generals don’t want to pull out, so I imagine we won’t hear his plans until they iron that out.

    As far as FEMA goes…since it was folded into the Department of Homeland Security states have to go through a mountain of red tape before it can be deployed.

    Until it is returned to an independent agency (i.e. post office, veterans affairs) all requests have to go through proper channels. Thank Bush for that..this is where a lot of his ‘celebrity appointments’ were made.

    So incidents like Katrina and the situation in the northeast will continue, especially since the economy is first on the list. I’m just waiting for someone to bring this to Obama’s attention, because its rather ridiculous the emergency management service has to wait for a request and then ask for permission before they act huh?

    Not only that Neil, once they deploy they have to ask for permission before using resources and have an accounting of what they need before requests are approved. This is why you had so much waste–they didn’t have permission to use a lot of the donated materials.

    Bush sort of painted Obama into a corner. He’s sitting with a large bucket of paint thinner and a child’s toothbrush wondering where to begin. African Americans may have gotten him elected Neil, but you have to know we will be his largest critics too!

    We tend to be a little harder on ourselves than others. Look how we treated Condi!


  5. Interesting I am reading What’s the problem with Jesus and it deals with how people want there to be more than one way to heaven , but it’s not.

    My prayers are with you but who better than you could address such an issue.

    Some time even as a christian it’s hard to accept God’s will


  6. Re, “At an absolute minimum this should lead to radical simplification of our tax code.”

    The ER household agrees with you on that.

    As for the president’s plan to pull out of Afghanistan: Uh, hello. His plan all along has been to exit an immoral law based on utter lies, Iraq, to redirect troops and material and attention to the only justifiable war we ot goin’ at the momnt: the one against Al-Quada in Afghanistan … and Pakistan …


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