Who has been like Jesus to you?

tomb.jpg I received this request from a friend who is a former blogger and thought that it would be good to open up to everyone here.  If you have a story you’d like to share, please leave it in the comments section.  She will accumulate to share with others.  These would be great to post on your own blogs as well, or to share with people you know.

What I need is true stories of people who have been like Jesus to you!

Has God used anyone in your life to show you his character – his love, his forgiveness, his chastisement? Who has given you hope? Welcomed you with open arms? Shown you kindness when you felt you did not deserve it? Who corrected you when you needed it? Supported you? Been a great example of a humble servant?

God often uses other Christians (or even non-Christians at times) to show us what he wants from us or just to bless us.

Who has inspired you to be a better person? Share your stories with me!

I will compile all the stories in a book. It would be a great present for those in your life who do not yet know Christ. Let’s give God all the credit and the glory!

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  1. Ok. This was the post I was logging in to respond to this morning, when I got sidetracked by the Jesus dying for our sins comment. Actually, realizing the truth of that has been related to the person I’m grateful to – Joan, my pastor’s wife. She is a nouthetic counselor in training (I think they have to accrue a certain number of hours; she’s already mailed in her exam work) and she has been meeting with me almost weekly since December.

    Joan has helped me see the difference between judicial judgment and God’s paternal judgment, when he disciplines His children and forgives us when we sin. She thinks I am too hard on myself, and that I shouldn’t carry around so much shame over sin that is “buried under concrete”.

    Another way she has been helpful to me is by reading my lengthy homework assignments, answering questions, and recommending “From Forgiven to Forgiving” by Jay Adams as part of my assignment. It jibes very well with points Jerry Bridges makes in “Respectable Sins” (about God not holding our sin against us, but forgiving). She is truly selfless, in that she pours herself into all those she counsels and doesn’t take money for it. I was never close to my own mother, so it is nice having a mature Christian woman to mentor me.


  2. I see Jesus in my mum.
    She is a mother of 7 children, and so far 13 grandchildren and another one (of mine) due in 2wks.
    She has taught me:-
    – to give to others without expecting a thank you in return.
    – treat others how I’d like to be treated.
    – not to judge or criticize.
    – not to share secrets with her, or they are no longer secrets.
    – how to discipline my children.
    – about the saints.
    – about God’s forgiveness and love.
    – by example, how important daily mass and confession is.
    – how to be generous to others.
    – how to open the door to people I don’t want to talk to, as otherwise I am ignoring Jesus knocking at my door.
    – how to think before I speak.
    – to let go of things I tend to harp on and analyze.
    – how to pray.
    – how important it is to read the Scriptures.
    – not to waist time or food.
    – not to be vain or materialistic.
    – that suffering brings us closer to God.
    – to pray for my enemies.
    – to offer things up.
    – to love.
    – soooooooooooo much, the list goes on, but I think I’ll stop here.
    Thank you Mum, for being such a great example in my life…I love you & I always see Jesus in you.


  3. Your efforts are so varied it’s probably going to be impossible to get bored. Also, I admire your courage in addressing some difficult issues wih calm intelligence and integrity. Thanks, too, for the encouragement you gave me in getting started up. . . and in continuing my blog. Plus, your family (the photos, activities, etc.) are exemplary and inspirational ~donkimrey


  4. This is going a little off, but my senior drill sergeant in basic training at Fort Bliss, TX.

    SFC Harold Richardson. That man will never know how much he influenced me.

    He was tough but caring, angry but with purpose, bad and yet accessible.

    Sound like Jesus? To me it does.

    Thanks Sgt Richardson whereever you are!


  5. A pastor I had back in Kansas City, Kansas. Rev. Ken Freemyer.

    Ken pastored an inner city church in a very dangerous part of town. A neighborhood church in a neighborhood overrun with gangs. Frequently, during church services we could hear automatic gunfire going off in the distance.

    Despite the danger, Ken would never pass up the chance to help people in need. His wife told us she was often frightened for his life. If he was driving to an important meeting or conference, and saw a car stalled beside the road, he would always stop and ask how he could help, and if they could use his help, he would put off his business to help them. Outside of Christ, people were the most important thing to him.

    He once related an incident when he was stopped at a stoplight in town, and a car full of gang members pulled up beside his car. They glowered at him in a most threatening manner, but Ken simply smiled and said, “Nice wheels”. Instantly their sneers turned into smiles, and they drove away laughing.

    Ken was a diabetic. The last time I saw him was at his house. My wife had baked him a sugar free sweet potato pie. I brought it to him. The next thing we heard about him was he had suffered a massive heart attack and died on the operating table.

    What an incredible impact this man had on all he came into contact with! What an incredible life!

    I know he is in Heaven now, probably sharing a hearty dinner with my sainted father.


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