A great day for life!

why-pro-lifeLast Sunday was a great day for life at our church.  Our pastor gave great sermons with a pro-life theme (with his usual excellent balance of grace and truth), and we gave away over 100 copies of Randy Alcorn’s book Why Pro-Life?  Randy generously provides these to churches and crisis pregnancy centers for $1.60.  A picture of the book was on the screen for over 5 minutes so you couldn’t miss the theme.

I pray that many people will read the book carefully and share the ideas with others.  I was very encouraged that the youth seemed so interested. 

Speaking of life, if you haven’t seen this video spend 46 seconds on it.  I hope Obama sees it.  Good thing for him that his mother wasn’t pro-abortion like he is.  Hat tip: Christine, and about a dozen other bloggers.

Of course, even if not all of the 50,000,000 lives destroyed in the womb would have been famous like Obama their deaths were still tragic. 

0 thoughts on “A great day for life!”

  1. I can’t tell you how interested I would be to get Barry’s reaction to this little video. Email it to him and mark it “URGENT!!! LIVES ARE AT STAKE!!!”

    I’m wagering he will not change his tune whatsoever. What the hell? He’s already been born, he won’t care.


  2. Even though I still think that Obama is not a natural born citizen, and therefore, ineligible to be POTUS (unless his real father is someone other than Obama Sr.), this video makes two reasons why I can see God’s hand in the election.

    The first reason is because so many of the blacks and hispanics in California who voted for Obama, also voted to pass Proposition 8.

    The second reason is because this video is getting around and I pray that millions will see it and lean them towards the pro-life position for the unborn.

    These are two issues that many, many Christians have been praying about for years.

    Despite Obama’s overt support for homosexual indoctrination and causes, he has, inadvertently and ironically, also had an impact for the Christian, pro-traditional family, pro-biblical marriage issue (via passage of Prop. 8 in CA) that marriage should always remain as the union of one man and one woman.

    Despite Obama’s overt and lethal pro-death-to-babies-in-the-womb worldview and policies, it has led to a video so powerful for the pro-life cause (starring him!!) that he is also, inadvertently and ironically, having a huge impact for pro-life causes!

    Only God could accomplish such a feat! Praise Jesus!!


  3. Are you kidding Neil I mean really! Your comments about Obama are kind of unfair…they way you said it this time at least. If he was so pro-abortion then why does he have two children?

    This video is another example of ‘preachin to the choir’ moment. The people it is meant for aren’t disturbed. If a picture of a botched abortion isn’t enough…nothing is.

    Stupid is as stupid does…


  4. Neil (and everyone),

    I enjoyed the video, too. It was strangely touching yet almost bitterly ironic. (You read that correctly, so don’t ask me to repeat it.) I agree with what Marshall said in his first comment that since Obama’s already born, he won’t care. So true. Ronald Reagan said something similar: “I notice everyone who supports abortion has already been born.”
    I just wish President Obama and his administration would come to follow the direction on innocent life of the Lord he claims to serve.
    “And why do you call me Lord, Lord, and do not do the things that I say?”
    (PS Neil—Randy sent me a signed copy of Pro Life Answers, too.


  5. Before Bush’s second election there was a large “pro-choice” march in DC. I went with about 200 people in a counter demonstration. I never saw 100,000 more angry people. It was very scary for my wife and I and our group. The march began with a large group all dressed in black and red with head bands with swastika like insignias and they were banging drums. Some of our women carried “I regret my abortion” signs. One of the pro-abortion women yelled to them, “Have another kid!” A nun was carrying a sign with and aborted child cut into pieces. A woman was screaming at her, “That’s not true, that’s not true, that’s not true.” One pro-abortion marcher carried a sign, “Jesus is pro-abortion.” They live in a great state of denial.
    On the other hand, I watched the March for Life 2009 and there were smiles on most faces. Of the over 100,000 marchers, I noticed only about a dozen African Americans. I found that strange since blacks are 13% of our population but 35% of all abortions.


  6. Bill you statistics are off. The numbers are reported from abortion clinics and white women have the ability to get the procedure done through private doctors or insurance.

    Its a sad fact, but true. Can’t call them baby killers and welfare saps at the same time. Pick one.


  7. Mizclark, do you have any statistics on the number of abortions done by white women through private doctors or insurance vis-a-vis black women? Or just the total number done through private doctors or insurance for white women?

    I didn’t see where Bill called black people where ‘welfare saps’.

    And you can get insurance to cover abortion in the US? I can’t convey how disgusted that makes me feel.


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