A three-front war

baby1.jpgSuper-blogger Marshall Art commented on a recent post that the pro-life movement is fighting a multi-front war.  I wanted to expand on that here.

I see three main fronts or areas of concentration:

  1. Service & support to help people and reduce abortions today
  2. Legal — fight FOCA and all its subsets, more conservative Supreme Court justices, etc.
  3. Education — homes, schools, churches, the media — anywhere!

1. Service & support to help people and reduce abortions today — Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs), which are also sometimes called Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs), are the most well-proved and effective way to reduce abortions today.  There are many, many children alive today who would have been destroyed long ago if not for CPCs, not to mention the women and men who would be grieving over their actions. 

Here is a thorough analysis of an article by Time magazine highlighting all the great things CPCs do for women and their families — all at no cost.

Even people who claim to be pro-choice should support CPCs.  After all, these folks claim to want to reduce abortions.  CPCs are non-political and are just trying to persuade women to exercise their option to choose life instead of death and to help the women during their time of need with pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, clothes, formula, all sorts of training (parenting, life skills, auto maintenance, etc.), post-abortion trauma counseling, etc.  They also share the Gospel with those who are interested in hearing it, though everyone receives the same love and care regardless of their religious views.

Churches and individuals should support crisis pregnancy centers like CareNet with prayers, $$ and volunteer service.  They save lives now and for eternity. 

2. Legal — fight FOCA (the disingenuously named “Freedom of Choice Act”) and all its subsets and continue the push for more conservative Supreme Court justices.  I’m not talking about a litmus test as Obama does (he will insist that they be pro-abortion).  I just want people who don’t invent things that simply don’t exist in the Constitution.

We had made tons of progress on the Supreme Court in the last eight years, but the uninformed pro-life Christians and the pro-abortion Christians (must . . . resist . . . urge  . . . to use . . . scare quotes) who voted for Obama set that back decades. 

Some people mistakenly thought that the legal route wasn’t working.  It was actually working well, but we needed to be patient.  It took many decades to stop the slave trade and many more to make slavery illegal.  In the same way, we must continue to fight the evil of abortion in a patient and systematic way.

It is a scientific fact that abortion kills an innocent human being.  Therefore, it should be illegal (except to save the life of the mother, of course).

3. Education — homes, schools, churches, the media — anywhere!  Make sure you are informed enough to defend the pro-life position.  It takes a little time, but it can be done by anyone. 

Pro-abortion reasoning is horribly flawed but with a 90%+ strongly pro-abortion media you don’t get a lot of balance.  People need to be equipped to spot the fallacies behind the pro-abortion arguments.  With a little training you can see the common themes they use.  For example, virtually all pro-abortion arguments ignore the humanity of the unborn, the very thing they should be proving first but can’t.

Our church is giving out Randy Alcorn’s book “Why Pro-life?” on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (Jan. 25th).  Churches were able to get copies for only $1.60.  

See Abort73.com for an absolutely stellar presentation of the pro-life position.  Share it with friends.  Blog on it.  Add it to your blogroll.  It has persuaded many pro-choicers to reconsider their views.

I enjoy teaching pro-life reasoning classes for CareNet volunteers and any interested local groups.  It is amazing how little people know about how to defend the pro-life ethic and expose the fallacies of pro-abortion reasoning, but I’m always encouraged by how quickly they pick it up and are energized about being informed.


Don’t give up!  The fight for life is worth it.

0 thoughts on “A three-front war”

  1. “Super blogger”? I’m blushing. I’m sure some would disagree, but I thank you for the kind words.

    I like the way you’ve broken it down. It’s gonna take a great deal of effort just to tread water, I fear, with the incoming administration. As a sub-section to point 3, we must encourage churches to have the courage to once again speak on issues of sexual morality and make the connection between that and the abortion issue. Abortion is really a symptom of the loosening of sexual morals.

    If the desire to have a child determined the biology of procreation, there’d be no issue here. We don’t have that kind of control of our physiology, so we must refrain. But even with such an ability, there’s still the issue of holiness and purity and God’s Will for us vs. our forsaking our self-control for the sake of personal pleasure and doing so to the extent that it becomes our god, taking too much precedence in our lives.


  2. UNRELATED: Hey Neil, you’ve got to post on this…


    The key quote for me:

    “Robinson said he doesn’t yet know what he’ll say, but he knows he won’t use a Bible.

    “While that is a holy and sacred text to me, it is not for many Americans,” Robinson said. “I will be careful not to be especially Christian in my prayer. This is a prayer for the whole nation.”



  3. I have been wondering how to start a prayer like that. Maybe he could say “To Whom it Might Concern”
    No that won’t work, maybe ‘To What it Might Concern”.
    No, I think the safest thing is “In Case Anything is Listening.”

    God is awesome in many ways, but lately I think his patience passes all understanding. I sure don’t want to be in the way when he finally shows the world his wrath.

    Bye the way, if anybody goes to this thing, I would like to know if the speaker’s platform is grounded.


  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. It’s funny because I found you had written an entry along the same lines some time ago, after finding your blog through the comment you left on my blog. I had found the quotes, not directly through the Abort73 website, but through the Abortion Clinic Quotes Website. I agree, the belief that life begins at conception is the foundation of the pro-life argument. The other day, I joined into an argument on a pro-life blog with a pro-choice who didn’t believe it was human until birth and showed them the scientific evidence that a new human life begins at conception as well as debunked a couple other misconceptions and to my surprise the pro-choice visitor hasn’t responded nor replied elsewhere on the blog since, I think they got a dose of humility, but more so, I would hope they are re-considering their pro-choice position. Also, I just wanted to let you know I’ve updated the entry with more sourced scientific refutations to pro-choice misinformation on prenatal development and a fun cartoon.


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