recyclingsymbolgreen.jpgEnvirofascists and the Men who Love Them

It has become increasingly clear that any scientist who dares to question the theory of man-made global warming risks being ostracized out of a job by the Enviro-gestapo. These tactics are nothing more than modern day lynchings or burnings at the stake.  

See the link for examples.

I would like to think this global warming hoax would turn around sooner rather than later, but sometimes when these movements take over they have momentum and $$ on their side to perpetuate the myths.

Remember, this is an unprecedented worldwide power grab with no exit strategy. They will not give this up without a fight, and they currently have the microphones, the money and the power. People will be afraid to speak the truth, and when they do the establishment will dismiss it with a wave of their hand.

I was just watching Ben Stein’s Expelled and the parallels are eerie.

Hopefully I’m just being pessimistic and that we caught this hoax early enough to stop it.

P.S. I’m not anti-reduce, reuse, recycle.  My car gets 35 MPG.  I’ve recycled newspapers and more since I was 9.  When the waste collectors used to charge for recycling we’d pay the monthly fee.  I hate to waste anything — food, energy, etc.   And so on. 

But I’m not fooled by the GW hysteria. 

12 thoughts on “Envirofascists”

  1. Newspapers are beginning to “break the silence” on global warming predictions v. reality:


    And the environmentalist movement and Al Gore is starting to get mocked.

    It is pretty clear that 2008 will confirm the same data as previous years. That we are in a cooling trend and have been since 1998. Carbon emmissions should be looked at carefully. People should conserve. But the full blown panic mode the environmental movement has tried to force all of us to feel over the past ten years is losing momentum. The sky is not falling as they predicted.




  2. Jeffe, that is good news. There is just a lot of damage to undo given how many kids were forced to watch Gore’s fictional movie. Obama’s appointments aren’t going the right direction, either.


  3. Gobal warming is here…I am telling you that its a fact…Its gotten at least 8 degrees warmer since 6 o’clock this morning.

    I will get back to you tonight, once the sun goes down. That way, when we drop 10 degrees, I can proclaim climate change is occuring.


  4. Hi Neil,
    When I worked for a newspaper in Wichita Falls, TX, we really looked into the recycling myth of newspapers because we wanted to be environmentally friendly as a paper and organization. Turns out, the liberal editors decided to can the entire project because the chemicals used to recycle newspaper were so costly and damaging to the environment, that it wasn’t worth the effort. Hope I’m not bursting your bubble, but the best thing to do with those papers is put them in a land fill and let nature take its course. Plus, it adds to the archaeological digs that will take place some 2,000 years from now, when the United States becomes a footnote in history.


  5. Jeffe, I hope you’re right, but I fear you are wrong. When my kids were little (10-15 years ago), they focused on being a “hydro hero” – saving water. Now, I’m all for saving water, but they were getting all gestapo like in my house. That didn’t last long.

    But lately I see cartoons for the little kids that are all about going green. I think the “green movement” is growing. The one real hope I have is that commercial industry is adopting the “green movement” and trying to sell it. What a great way to kill it!

    Neil, like you, I’m all about reusing. It stems from my childhood, when I wore hand-me downs and then we gave them to the local charity. I’ve been on both sides of those charities, I think they are great. Recycling makes sense in some cases, but as Timothy points out, sometimes it causes more problems than it fixes.


  6. We are each responsible for what we consume, and to me, it sounds like you have the right idea.
    Live responsibly like the God told Adam to do.

    However, you did nail the REAL problem, MONEY. There is a definate movement to cash in on this.


  7. Just watching the film “Frailty”.

    Good plot, aptly set in Texas. It is about a father of two sons who starts to get messages from god telling him to kill demons that look like people.

    The film may be fiction but it convincingly demonstrates how far people might go if they become victims of religious delusions.


  8. I can understand and accept responsible actions as stewards of God’s creation.

    But the eviro-fascists concocting lies and bareknuckling people into earth worship. Animals and the earth are more important than humans whom God gave dominion over it.

    Btw, did you see the movie The Day the Earth stood still? The intent of the aliens were to save all the animals (via a high tech Noahs ark) and then destroy all the humans because they werent worth saving.

    Wow, talk about enviroganda!


  9. LOL @ Bret!

    For those of us who have read Enoch:

    What about his prediction of the damage we would bring to the earth by changing time and not following the ‘original’ calendar given to Adam? I heard on the news today they are adding more seconds to the upcoming year.

    Will the ozone hole get bigger?


  10. It’s typical of Neil that he does not want to see the facts. I gave a reference to one of the most outstanding books on evolution that does away with a lot of misconceptions and the first thing he does is delete my posting.

    So much for his love of truth: he is not interested in it, in fact he hates the truth and goes out of his way to fight it.


  11. Hi Cinnmon,

    Wow, if you get offended when I delete a comment like yours then you definitely don’t want to go see Expelled! Because you’ll find that instead of one little blog moderating comments we have the scientific and academic communities engaged in systematic efforts to stifle the intellectual freedom.

    Thanks for failing my test and proving the hypocrisy of the materialistic Darwinists.


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