WordPress tip: I just noticed an option in the Settings / Discussion section that allows you to select “Comment author must have a previously approved comment.”  This should cut down on troll activity without having to moderate everyone.  One of my objectives for 2009 is to pull the trigger more quickly on time wasters.

UPDATE: This feature is especially helpful when banned commenters keep changing their IP or email addresses to try to get around being blocked —  which happened just today!  The system works.

Kirk Cameron interviews John MacArthur — great videos.  I wish that prosperity pimps and other false and wimpy teachers would listen, watch and learn from MacArthur.

If Evolutionists Were Smart — Sirius Knotts has a good summary of the many ways the materialistic Darwinists use many logical fallacies to defend their worldview.

I liked how he noted their arguments from outrage.  One guy who got banned from my blog would say ridiculous things like how ID was slowing down cancer cures, and how since Stalin opposed Darwinism and I oppose Darwinism then I am like Stalin. Fun stuff!

They’re using endorsements, pointing to religious leaders who compromised Creationism with evolutionism, saying, “Look, if your preacher thinks evolution is OK, it must be true.

Yep. I finally got around to seeing the movie Expelled!  One very interesting part showed how the Darwinists just use the theological liberals and have no respect for them.

One thought on “Roundup”

  1. Wow! Those McArthur clips were fantastic! He really sums up the whole story and spells it out perfectly. It flies in the face of those who insist acts have absolutely nothing to do with our salvation. How can that be if we do not give ourselves over, which is also an act? There has to be some conscious decision to accept or decline the offer of God. McArthur describes what I have long thought about what it means to believe.


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