Reducing abortions in Russia?

Courtesy of Marshall, this piece on reducing abortions in Russia:

Authorities in Novorossiysk, a city near the Black Sea, have declared this week to be a “week without abortion.” Doctors won’t conduct termination operations except in “the most extreme cases.” In addition, at the city’s maternity clinic psychologists and gynecologists will work with pregnant women to prepare them for motherhood. More astounding, the city’s universities will screen films describing the detrimental effects of abortions. And a representative of the city’s government says that “doctors will do everything they can to stop women from doing the irreparable.” 

Too bad our universities won’t show films like that.

Re. “doing the irreparable” — That is one of the things the pro-legalized abortionists ignore. People change their minds sometimes, and woman often do so during their pregnancies when they are feeling very stressed or unsupported.

But you can’t undo an abortion.

Marshall also made a good point about Social Security. The scientific fact that abortion destroys an innocent human being is all the reasoning we need to demonstrate the immorality of the practice, but there are many other negative consequences as well, including the absence of tens of millions of people in our economy.

6 thoughts on “Reducing abortions in Russia?”

  1. Neil, remember this is a country with a negative birth rate (due to abortion). Russia is becoming so sparsely populated they held a conception day, 9 months prior to Russian Indpendence Day. They gave everybody the day off and told them to have sex to repopulate mother Russia. I don’t recall how this turned out. Probably the women just aborted all the babies anyway.


  2. Dan P,

    The article does speak to the birth rate in Russia as being a reason for their abortion free day. It is something that affects every country that practices the crime as a means of birth control.


  3. That’s good news, although it seems as if it is being done for the wrong reasons (i.e. the functional good of more people, rather than the intrinsic good of not murdering human beings).

    Abortion is a permanent action that solves a temporary problem. A lot of the regret comes from that — women end up realising that, years later, they were strong enough to make it through pregnancy and childbirth, but now have no means of undoing that wrong.


  4. “Abortion is a permanent action that solves a temporary problem.”

    Well said!

    Agreed on the motive part. Hopefully the increased awareness via films and such will awaken people to the horror of abortion.


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