This site has some good, clear refutations of Mormonism.  I don’t think their religious views are accurate, but I still appreciate their pro-family activities.

Hey kids!  Smoking is really, really bad for you.  Unless Obama is doing it because he’s stressed out.

A great list of questions for the Global Warming experts.  A sample:

  • How cool do we want the world to be? What is the ideal temperature for the earth?
  • What are the criteria for determining the ideal temperature of the earth?
  • Would a modest increase in the temperature of the planet necessarily be bad? Are there any potential benefits?
  • How can we ensure that efforts to stabilize the earth’s temperature don’t backfire, resulting in a larger than intended drop in the earth’s average temperature?

They help demonstrate how GW is just an ill-defined, world-wide, unprecedented political power grab with no plans to ever relinquish the power.

It’s almost Kwanzaa time, so be sure to check out Christocentric’s Kwanzaa blog about its real origins.

And for those of you unfamiliar with my writings on Kwanzaa, I am not a supporter of it, but someone who has written about the racist, anti-Christian origins of this holiday.  A family member who embraced Christianity, was persuaded by the creator of Kwanzaa, Dr. Karenga, that Christianity was a “white man’s religion” and that he could provide a better way of life for the black man, woman or child.  Because of my family’s involvement with Dr. Karenga, I was able to research this holiday and its “black only” principles with an eyewitness account on the inner workings of a Black Nationalist Organization (the US Organization).

A good list of urban legends perpetuated by the homosexual movement (the 10% myth, the politics behind the American Psychiatric Association’s reclassification of it as a mental disorder, etc.)

3 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Interesting note: That article I studied took me to Isaiah 7, 8, 9 and the prophecies concerning the Israelites. Ephraim and Israel were punished for trying to turn Jerusalem into a spoil of war. Manasseh was included in the area absorbed by Assyria and they were all exiled.

    After the prophecy of Jesus in chapter 9 there is another section on the arrogance of Israel.

    It’s great fiction! But why would Joseph Smith want to base his church on a particularly arrogant tribe of Israel. Jacob’s sons were the MOST arrogant in the lot of patriarchs if you ask me! Whoa!


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