The real haters and responding to their inconsistency

hate.jpgMs. Green has some videos of truly hateful behavior by the anti-Proposition 8 folks.  Yet it is the Christians who are continually referred to as haters.  Sure, Fred Phelps and his ilk are haters and they call themselves Christian, but their behavior displays about as much fruit as their counterparts on the Left.  And the demonstrators on the Left far outnumber the Phelps-types. 

The Left uses the “hate” accusation reflexively to try to demonize and silence the opposition.  It is amazing that the hate label sticks to us when we actually take a live and let live approach to gays. We just don’t like it when they shove their agenda down our throats.

I’ve known for a long time that their theme of “tolerance” was an upside down use of the word.  You can only tolerate those you disagree with, and these people show no tolerance at all.

Here is one line of thinking to use in responding to the spurious “hate” personal attacks. 

If you want to disarm the liberals, just point out that if homosexuality could be detected in utero that you would be against those abortions, and ask them if they would agree to make those abortions illegal.  If heterosexual parents abort for Down Syndrome, gender, inconvenience, etc. I guarantee you that most parents would abort rather than have a potentially gay child (I wouldn’t).

I’ve asked this question many times and I have yet to find a heterosexual liberal who doesn’t love abortion rights more than gays. So this argument is a great way to make them squirm and to point out how ridiculous it is for them to label you as a homophobe. After all, they think it should be legal to destroy gays in the womb (even hypothetically) while you think they should be protected.

The most I’ve ever seen them say in response is that I’m against all abortions, so specific protections for gays isn’t meaningful. But I point out that if this was the only restriction made that I’d favor it.  You shouldn’t kill an innocent human being because he is gay or even might be gay.

It also forces them to reconsider their pro-abortion views, because it points out how the unborn are real human beings. That is one reason they fight any exceptions, even for gender selection abortions. They know that once you concede the humanity of the unborn for any reason then other abortions wouldn’t be justified.

If you do Venn diagrams of pro-legalized abortionists and pro-gay agenda folks, you’ll see virtually concentric circles. 

Authentic Christians do not hate these people.  Watch the videos and see.  But the truth sounds like hate to those that hate the truth.  And those that are pro-legalized abortion and pro-gay marriage are in deep rebellion to God.

I explored this more in a hypothetical dilemma.

I know that the “rights” talk makes for a good sound bite, but what rights are we talking about? The right to relationships? They have them. The right to be married? Uh, sorry, but they already have the right to marry a living being of the opposite sex of the same species under certain conditions (i.e., no incest, bestiality, polygamy or necrophilia). And who are they to pull up the drawbridge after gays get these “rights” and leave the other groups hanging?  Do they hate them?  Why else would they oppose their rights?

I thought this was a great summary by Invictus, who previously had been inclined to try and support gay civil marriage:

You know, I’m not really inclined to support the creation of a new “right”–one that has never existed in all of human history–on behalf of a people who so easily take up the mantle of thuggish oppression as soon as they are given space to do so.  Does anyone (idiots and liars excluded) really think that teams of police would be required to escort gay couples safely out of neighborhoods full of violent Mormons screaming death threats?

7 thoughts on “The real haters and responding to their inconsistency”

  1. Hi Neil,
    Another excellent post. I remember 10 years ago, they were hitting us with the line about what they did in the bedroom was nobody’s business. If the gay lobby had left it at that, we probably would have been fine with it. But now they are pushing it on us, and making accept their views completely. Why couldn’t they have left it alone with the bedroom argument?


  2. Thanks for the link, Neil!

    This is a great post. I am dismayed by the reactions to the passage of Prop. 8, partly because the fears I pushed away have now been realized: it really isn’t about tolerance at all, we now know.

    The video of the team of cops escorting those Christians out of the Castro, protecting them against a surging, spitting mob, reminded me of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. What’s not in the video was the attack preceding, during which angry gays attempted to shove objects up the Christians’ backsides. Public rape–now that’ll really win hearts and minds.


  3. Well I can tell you that some of us secular, traditionally liberal on the social issues people are waking up and seeing what side the real intolerance and hate is coming from. The gay leadership has thrown a collective hissy fit this last week and they and their allied, gay and some not,bloggers have shown themselves to be about as hateful, whining, and devisive(from the many posts I’ve seen) as you can get.

    I have supported (in my state) them by my vote on ballot initiatives in the past—and I will tell you now, I no longer will.


    1. Hi George,

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. That is an interesting perspective. Sometimes groups overplay their cards, and gay lobby has done that this time.

      Yep, they are all about tolerance!


  4. A situation that feels me with sorrow is the way that they have successfully to some degree convinced many straight liberals and far too much of the media that anything they do is alright and they should never be called to task because they say they are a minority that has been denied their civil rights. The acceptance of this type of thinking has allowed them a free reign to be vicious in their attacks of defiling and defaming any and all who hold opposing views to theirs. It certainly creates an unfair environment for those of you on the opposing side of the gay marriage issue when anything you say is labeled as hate and/or bigotry, but their is virtually no limit to what they can say or do.


  5. Fifteen years ago the gay agenda began to be forced on public school teachers/students. We were told how GLB students were suffering to the point of killing themselves in great numbers. I asked the questions, ‘What about the students who feel that homosexual sex is immoral? Should their feelings be acknowledged as well?’ I was told, ‘No, because there is a separation of church and state.’ I had to struggle through in-service days on gay tolerance and school showcases displaying famous people who are/were gay. My boss and union president were gay. As adviser of Fellowship of Christan Athletes I was told we could not put a sign up advertising our meetings and yet every door in the school had a GLB meeting sign on it.


  6. Hi Bill,

    I ran into the same inconsistencies working at HP. Compaq let us have a Christian employee network group along with the gay, black, Indian, etc. groups. But HP was too PC and some people complained and our charter was revoked. The diversity group managers said we were the best run group at Compaq and met all the criteria, but that didn’t get in the way of the HP agenda.

    The “separation” canard is used to dismiss debate all throughout society. You don’t need religion to argue against such things. But the gay lobby is very effective at sneaking programs in that could be covered just as well or better by existing or revised anti-bullying policies.


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