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kool-aidCheck out Timothy’s post on global warming proponents.  It continues to be an unprecedented, unlimited political power grab.  Some good news:

It’s been a bad year for global warming alarmists. Record cold periods and snowfalls are occurring around the globe. The hell that the radicals have promised is freezing over.

A poll found that 60% of them doubt the claims that global warming is both man-made and urgent. 

The Cop and the Call Girl – here’s a guy who is living out his faith!  Pray for her, and those in similar situations.

Palin helped McCain in many ways.  I hope she comes back.

Barack “Lay off my wife” Obama’s wife used her pro-partial birth abortion views to raise funds for him.

Fellow bloggers – Is it me, or is troll activity much higher than usual?  They seem to be out in volume and are most persistent in sharing their love, tolerance and just overall classy natures.  One guy must be on his 8th IP address.  Perhaps he’s at a public library? 

My librarian wife found this quote.  And I thought I knew all the good Monty Python lines!

You see, I don’t believe libraries should be drab places where people sit in silence, and that’s been the main reason for our policy of employing wild animals as librarians.

Monty Python

Carlotta at Christocentric is one of my favorite bloggers – she is very well informed and always gracious yet doesn’t put up with nonsense.  I especially like one element of her comment policy:

For Believers – An intentionally different standard applies to those who name themselves followers of Christ: persons who claim to be believers in Jesus Christ, yet bring manifestly false teaching on basic doctrines of the faith, and/or promote evil acts, are not welcomed into discussion here.

I realize that is basically what I’ve done here, even though I haven’t documented an official policy.  We obviously have lots of different views here, but I’m with her on not tolerating false teachings on the basics and/or promoting evil acts.

I worked hard with many folks – hundreds of comments worth – then realized that it was a waste of time.  Now I’m quicker to pull the trigger on Christians (whether really false or just really confused) who write such things.  At some point it becomes dust shaking / pearl holding time.

Oil up nearly 11 percent on Saudi supply cuts– Now wait a minute . . . are you telling me that the laws of supply and demand are still in force?  Hmmm . . . I wonder what would happen if we increased the supply of oil – say, by drilling off shore or in Alaska – maybe the price would go down?

This election was all about race, but only for the Democrats. We would love to support a black candidate, provided that he or she held views roughly the opposite of Obama’s.  We supported Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice, J.C. Watts, etc. long before Obama came along, and not because of their skin color.

As conservatives clearly showed, we aren’t anti-women at all, even though we are accused of that. Just look at the reaction to Sarah Palin. We aren’t anti-black either.

But for the Democrats, they have far to go to fulfill Martin Luther King’s dream. It wasn’t about the content of Obama’s character (the media wouldn’t go near that!). It was all about the color of his skin.

I have a dream of a re-energized conservative movement.

12 thoughts on “Weekly roundup”

  1. Regarding your last piece, I have to agree, but I’ll go a bit further, or maybe it’s a tangent, I’m not sure. I’ll just say it this way: Many pundits from both sides are saying that this election shows that we have moved past racial issues in this country. If that were really true, would anyone be making such a statement?

    Michael Medved spoke of the right needing to show that the Republican Party is open to everyone. I couldn’t believe he said that. Didn’t George Bush have TWO black Secretaries of State? Didn’t he have Mexican Attorney General? Isn’t there a Latina running either the Dept of Labor or Transportation? Don’t we have the Log Cabin Republicans? This party has always been an open tent.

    The problem has always been in marketing. (Perhaps that’s what Medved meant, but it didn’t sound that way to me as I was driving while listening.) The Party hasn’t articulated the common values shared between each group and the party in general. It hasn’t explained how beneficial are its philosophies for everyone. And it hasn’t properly illustrated why liberal policies just aren’t doing for them what was promised. As always, the major problem of the Republican Party has been one of communication.


  2. It’s always telling when an article you refer to does not survive fact-checking.

    Your blogger claims: “At the top of the world, the International Arctic Research Center reported last month, there was 29% more Arctic sea ice this year than last.”

    However, the Arctic Research Center gives the following information:

    The continued significant reduction in the extent of the summer sea ice cover is a dramatic illustration of the pronounced impact increased global temperatures are having on the Arctic regions. There has also been a significant reduction in the relative amount of older, thicker ice.


    On top of that, the blogger’s claim cannot be verified by research on the internet. Quite obviously it has been made up.

    How can a “significant reduction” be reconciled with the above claim of “29% more Arctic sea ice“?

    My general experience is that climate change deniers are often extremely inventive when it comes to making up “facts” to fit their preconceived ideas.

    Global warming is a realtiy which does not go away when you shut your eyes and keep ignoring the facts or even worse, believe people who lie straight into your face like the blogger above.

    It is not necessarily true only because you want it to be true.


  3. Neil:

    In my humble opinion Martin Luther King’s words cut both ways. As I have explained to many, that is why this black man supported and voted for John McCain.

    Neil your blog has been a blessing. I have learned so much from you and many fine, regular contributors; most recently Carlotta. I have redone my favorites on more than one occassion based upon my readings here.
    Abortion. Abortion, despite being against it, it was nothing more than an emotionally charged issue to debate over. Your ministry has forced me to re-examine my commitment as a Christian, and am I really doing my all for the kingdom. The same can be said with respect to your work with prison ministry and mission work. Lest someone misunderstands, I am not saying that your projects should be mine, I am saying that you have stirred me to be committed to my walk. (I could go on, but emotion and fatherly duties this morning preclude me from rambling on and on.) I can not say thank you enough! thank you.

    In His Grip,


  4. Neil–

    A little confused by your last comment (full disclosure: I voted for Obama, though in Kansas that has the same effect as saying “I voted for Toto”). To say that it was all about race is to be dismissive of the long primary season, which Obama narrowly won against a well-oiled Clinton machine, the failing economy, the war in Iraq, Bush’s low, low, low approval ratings, McCain’s flawed campaign, many high ranking Republicans questioning the Palin pick, voting trends of younger Americans, etc. Certainly race played a role, both positive and negative, but ultimately folks were desiring a new direction. Where that direction will lead us, well, let’s just say the founding fathers were well-advised when they gave the Presidency four years to determine his or her efficacy. Ultimately, though, I recognize that one’s ultimate allegiance shouldn’t be to any ideology or temporal authority, political or otherwise, which I think to many of us cling to to the detriment of society(myself included), and I remain hopeful for the future because we do live in a society that values liberty and freedom as a means for human fulfillment and eventually more and more folk will become awakened to God’s love as a result (ok, now I’m blabbering and not making sense in free-verse). Neil-keep fighting the good fight though you’re wrong on 90% of what you say (the 10% you’re right on is the God stuff, or is it the other way around, or maybe it is me who is wrong?)




  5. @Neil:

    “But for the Democrats, they have far to go to fulfill Martin Luther King’s dream. It wasn’t about the content of Obama’s character (the media wouldn’t go near that!). It was all about the color of his skin”

    I may not agree with Barack 100% but I don”t agree with McCain or Bush 100%, to suggest that my vote or any vote for barack was because of his skin color primarily is not only disingenous but flies in the face of what is socioligcially true in this country.

    Sure some people voted for or against barack based on his skin color, however; I voted for the man because he in my opinion had the best solutions for the problems we now face as a nation, your conservative supply side economics had its run and it ended with a crash, time for something new, I won’t miss the mercantilism of the Reagan era…Tovarisch 😉


  6. Neil,

    Thanks for introducing us to Carlotta. I’ve been reading her comments here and also some of her blog entries. Don’t spoil the surprise for her but she’s making the Alert blogroll


  7. @ Joseph,

    I have the utmost respect for you to say that you supported McCain especially in reference to Dr. King’s dream cutting both ways. It was those same reasons that I had to support Obama.

    I could not in good conscience vote for a man that allowed the Republican party to vilify Governor Palin the way they did! This was not the woman I read about in the Alaska papers. They made her look like an idiot and now they have the gall to blame her for HIS loss!

    I hope someone figures out a way to keep her in Washington if only to redeem herself! I am so disgusted it aint even funny!


  8. Mizclark:

    Thank you very much for the kind words. I too am deeply disappointed and disturbed by the treatment of Governor Palin.



  9. Neil, I have to say that yes, Obama was elected largely on the basis of his race. But it was also on the basis of his leftist agenda. If race were the only reason to vote for an African American, then why hasn’t Alan Keys gotten more support from the Black community???


  10. Thanks Neil, Joseph and Edgar for the kind words! Kind of glad you all can’t see the pink rising through my brown cheeks! 🙂

    Regarding Alan Keyes, he scares me. Just seems like a powder keg ready to blow. I’m a Republican and don’t like him representing us.

    Asides from that, I just hate the fact that the Republican party is associated with racism. So far from the truth! There are many racists who are Republican, but that’s not the majority of people in this party.

    I would love to see more diversity in the GOP though. For the life of me I’m still trying to figure out why so many conservative blacks cling to that democratic party. 70% voted against gay marriage but yet mostly voted for Obama who had said he wouldn’t vote against the ban.

    Such irony!

    I have to believe it was all about race. When the campaign started, 4 of my 5 kids were all for McCain such as myself. But the day of voting ALL three of my young adult sons voted for Obama and my two daughters for McCain. They believe in everything else as I do, pro-life, anti-gay marriage…and etc.

    Their identity as strong black men just went with identifying with Obama. Perhaps if they had a strong conservative father involved in their lives… that would have fared differently!

    It’s all so interesting to me the who racial makeup in politics.


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