The Author of Life

tomb.jpgThis is one of my favorite verses:

Acts 3:15 You killed the author of life, but God raised him from the dead. We are witnesses of this.

This is one of the many Bible verses I use it as part of my pro-life reasoning training for Care Net volunteers (1).  It is a reminder to Christians that Jesus is the author of life and we should protect those innocent lives from destruction.

But that verse contains so much more for believers.  Consider these areas:

Jesus is God – Who else would the author of life be?  It also sheds light on the Trinity – or at least 2/3 of it – with the reference to God (the Father) raising Jesus (the author of life) from the dead. 

Jesus is the only way to salvation – If He is God, then how can you be reconciled to God without Jesus?

The physical resurrection, the Holy Spirit and transformed lives – Read all of Acts 3 and consider the context of the passage.  This section – and all of Acts, for that matter – makes no sense if there was not a physical resurrection of Jesus after the crucifixion.  If Jesus didn’t appear to the Disciples as recorded in the Gospels, then why would Peter be back at the temple in Jerusalem? 

The last we saw of him would have been denying Jesus three times.  Since Peter knows that the Jewish leaders had no problem having Jesus put to death, why on earth would he be back in their faces with this stinging accusation if he didn’t know Jesus had been raised from the dead?  It is only by the Holy Spirit that Peter was transformed.  And what a transformation!  He fearlessly proclaims the Good News to his enemies. 

Witnesses – As is done in many other places, Peter claimed that Jesus’ followers witnessed the resurrected Jesus.

Pro-life – Jesus is God, and He created life.  As we know from science, life begins from conception.  So you can’t claim to agree with Jesus and support abortion on demand.

(1) The training covers secular reasoning, Biblical reasoning and how to respond to pro-legalized abortion arguments.  If you are in the Houston area I’d be glad to consider presenting it at your church or group.  I always start with how we need to be sensitive to our audiences.  I emphasize that the Biblical view isn’t just about showing how murder is wrong, but that forgiveness and healing are possible through Jesus and how we are commanded to protect the weak.

I mainly do it for Care Net volunteers but I’ve been talking to the clinic director about ways to get it out to more people.  It has always been very well received.

2 thoughts on “The Author of Life”

  1. What man or woman of honor and reason, who engages in that activity designed by God and nature to bring about a new human being into existence, can then say that what is produced by that activity is not another human being?


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