Random thoughts: Racism, media bias and Obama’s lies

Real Christians don’t mock the Bible.

It is only about race to the liberals! The endless chatter from them about racism is sickening.  The journalists who perpetuated the “Obama can only lose because of racism” should find a new line of work. 

People voting for McCain are doing so based on issues, facts and logic, not skin color.  Here’s how we can know this: When Hillary was running we heard all sorts of things about the glass ceiling and misogyny.  The conventional wisdom that conservatives are anti-women got annihilated when Palin was selected.  Did anyone notice – with or without the 18-to-1 media bias from the “Big 3” – that conservatives did cartwheels over her, donated big $$, bought yard signs, etc.? 

It wasn’t that conservatives were anti-women, they were just pro-conservative ideas.  We appreciated her ideas, not her chromosomes.  Oh, and the fact that she has more experience than Obama.

If McCain would have picked a conservative black person we would have been just as excited.

So enough with the racism on the part of the liberals!  We have made major strides in this country and they and Obama are just taking us backwards. 

The media bias on the “bankrupt the coal companies” is just the poison icing on the cake for them.  That shows once again that Obama deceived people when he claimed to be pro-coal, and the media did their best to hide it.

This just in: Palin exonerated by Alaskan Board.  Too bad the media will gloss over this now that they have trashed her for months.

Perhaps the most sickening lie of the Obama campaign is to take the most pro-abortion candidate ever and try to spin him as being pro-life.  Worse yet, they abused Matthew 25 to do so!  That passages talks about helping the “least of these,” while Obama wants to take away any restrictions to crush and dismember the least of these.

Final thoughts from this post:

When Obama’s lies, mistakes, omissions, 15-plus flip-flops and character-damning choice of associates and mentors (yes, he did say Wright had been a mentor, before he said he wasn’t), and Joe Biden’s stupid mistakes, gaffes, false-lunchbucket-Joe mantle, drunken embarrassments and repeat stupidity of multiple plagiarisms get as much media and public-citizen attention as anything Sarah Palin or John McCain has said or done wrong, then maybe, just maybe, you can count us out of McCain’s and Palin’s camp.

3 thoughts on “Random thoughts: Racism, media bias and Obama’s lies”

  1. I personally do not believe that most republicans are rejecting Obama because he’s of African descent. I do believe that to be a problem among many white democrats. Republicans are simply being loyal to their party. I do believe that republicans went overboard on the whole Arab/muslim connection.


  2. Hi LorMarie – I agree on the Arab/Muslim thing. Even if it was true it wasn’t doing anything for them. It was all about the independents. I don’t think McCain campaigned that well. He could have just hammered all the major issues quickly (energy policies, experience, Iraq, pro-life, etc.) instead of focusing on the flavor of the day.


  3. I agree on the Arab/Muslim point. It’s going way to far to use false information to attack someone – especially when the factual information about Obama is so alarming.

    As Neil pointed out, the spin that Obama has not only gotten away with about his abortion stance, but that the media has actually helped to perpetuate is just amazing. They have successfully painted him as a moderate on abortion, someone dedicated to reducing it to minimal levels, when in reality, he record shows the exact opposite.

    I can’t for the life of me understand why McCain never went for this issue in the debates with Obama. It seemed that this (abortion) was the one area in the forum with Rick Warren where conservatives really got excited about McCain and fearful of Obama, yet McCain has hardly brought it up since then.



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