More weekly roundup

Twenty reasons to vote yes on Proposition 8 in California and to preserve traditional marriage.  The main reason: Only traditional marriages have the possibility of providing one mother and one father to a child, which has always been the ideal.  Oxymoronic “same sex marriages” can never, never do that.

And for those who question such an obvious argument, ask them why the sex of one’s partner is non-negotiable and all important (i.e., a gay guy must have a guy for a partner – never a butch woman or a woman who thinks she’s a guy), but that the sex of one’s parents is completely irrelevant.  I’ve asked that countless times and have yet to have someone even try to answer.

Rick Warren is supporting Prop 8.  Good for him.

More from Zo – another must watch.  He correctly skewers those who want to destroy the unborn with Down Syndrome or who are “unwanted.”  You call Bush a fascist yet Obama tries to destroy people like Joe the Plumber just for asking a question?  Too bad more leaders don’t call out sell-outs like this guy does.

Obama vs. free speech – you’ve been warned

Deregulation – the big lie

  • The current crisis was not caused by a deregulated “anything goes” market, but by liberal intervention in the market, i.e. forcing banks to make high-risk loans or face costly lawsuits.
  • Starting his first year in office, President Bush raised alarms about what was going on at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He made a serious attempt at reform in 2003 which was rebuffed by Democrats who were angry that “safety and soundness” was being raised as an issue.
  • Barney Frank promised that, even if they were to fail, the government would not bail our Fannie and Freddie.
  • Democrats continued to fight any attempt at regulation out of concern that it might dry up the flood of subprime mortgage money. (Hey, that was the idea, dummies!)
  • John McCain co-sponsored legislation on 2006 designed to provide additional regulation and oversight of Fannie and Freddie.
  • Obama has been a non-entity on this entire looming crisis, yet now claims he can fix it?
  • Deregulation wasn’t the problem. Democrats were the problem.
  • 10 thoughts on “More weekly roundup”

    1. And even more lies by Neil, the flagship of christian taliban.

      Neil said: Always amusing to be called a liar by someone who has used a half dozen names / email addresses to hide his identity.

      But for someone whose primary argument is, “Republicans and religious people are stupid,” you aren’t as smart as you think. I use IP addresses to block people. And even if you go to a new IP address, I’ll delete your comments then ban the new address. If I wasn’t a Christian I’d take delight in knowing how much time you end up wasting.

      The Taliban reference is cute. Did I come by your blog to force my religious beliefs on you? No, you came here even after you were told to leave. I am under counsel from the Lord of the universe to follow his dust shaking / pearl holding teachings.

      Back to the Daily Kos, please. I’m a nice enough guy to tell you that the rest of your comments will be deleted no matter what you say. Too bad you couldn’t have learned from the examples of others who comment here regularly. They know how to disagree in a civil manner.


    2. I’ve now committed myself to vote for Obama. The sooner we can get rid of all kinds of religious idiocy, the sooner we can begin to heal humanity and our world.

      Neil said: Thank you for your (sort of) honesty in conceding that the goal of liberals is to eliminate religious freedom. Obama would appreciate it if you would downplay that until after the election, though.

      And I’m glad you aren’t buying the lie that he is really a Christian. Otherwise your vote for him and your religious bigotry would make no sense.

      Of course, if you claim there is no God then all your moralizing makes no sense. Just random opinions from another bag of chemicals. Why “heal humanity” and the world? And how exactly does the most radical pro-abortion candidate in history “heal humanity” by destroying it?

      Those are rhetorical, by the way, so save your keystrokes.


    3. @Neil:

      You wrote (or quoted):

      “The current crisis was not caused by a deregulated “anything goes” market, but by liberal intervention in the market, i.e. forcing banks to make high-risk loans or face costly lawsuits.”

      O.K. Neil, to quote Doc Holiday to Johnny Ringo in “Tombstone” : “I’m your huckleberry…”

      Let’s start with presupposition number 1. This presupposition is erroneous at the least, however, please produce how you conclude banks were “forced” to make “high Risk Loans”, and even if such how banks and other financial services companies where then forced to “Bundles said high – risk loans” into “high profit – high risk” into marketable securities?

      Looking forward to your answers…


    4. @Neil:

      How do you come to that? Banks (too my knowledge) were encouraged to serve communities they redline, not because of credit scores but because of other reasons (i.e. race). BUT, if you can produce for me what exactly the banks were “forced” to do and who “forced” them to do it?


    5. Neil,
      the case was IN Pasadena, TX. A banker there refused to make these loans and went to jail for three years. Three years! That is what happened to one banker who refused. So DJBA doesn’t have a leg to stand on. It made minor national news at the time. But the guy was made an example of and his livelyhood destroyed because he would cooperate with the Government mandated banking policies.

      OK… glad to help.


    6. @Timothy:

      Exercise some wisdom as Paul instructed another Timothy. What you said proves nothing, what did this man do. Give me the case, and case law, I can look up the docket.

      I am very familiar with Banking regulations, I am a commercial lender, so tell me WHAT regulation He broke that HE went to jail for.

      I have no legs to stand on? Bold proclaimation as you offered NOTHING in the form of evidence. What government regulation or policy DID HE VIOLATE.

      Looking forward to SOMEBODY giving me the case.


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