Weekly roundup

Tragic persecution of Christians continues in India by Hindus (aren’t they supposed to be peaceful?).  They are not letting much news out so updates are spotty. 

Real Christians should pray for them and continue to support organizatons such as Voice of the Martyrs.

Pluralistic Christians (those who teach that all paths lead to God, which is the opposite of what the Bible teaches) should send reverse missionaries to these countries.  After all, if their views are true then the loving thing would be to tell everyone to avoid hardship and just worship the local god(s), right? 

An inspiring true story of Haralan Popov, a Bulgarian Christian minister severely persecuted by the Communists for 13 years. 

Quote of the week:

The best health care, the best economy, the best social justice system means nothing to the millions of Americans that never made it out of the womb or never will.

Rebecca Taylor

 Hat tip: Pro-Life Blogs

So Obama wants to give $4,000 per year to college students.  Guess how much college tuition will increase when he does that?  I’d bet on $4,000 per year.  Colleges will be fatter and less efficient, we’ll pay higher taxes and/or the debt will increase, and kids will have the same costs and debt.  Write it down.

I taught Junior Achievement classes for various grades for 12 years.  I was always impressed at how quickly Junior High kids could not only pick up on concepts like supply and demand, but even the elasticity of supply and demand (i.e., demand for needs such as insulin will not be as influenced by price as wants like entertainment).

Too bad Obama doesn’t even get the basic part right.  Just spreadin’ the wealth around, right Comrade?

Sarah Palin, the real deal.  Regardless of the outcome of the election, I love how she has put a face on families with special needs children and why it is better to let them live than to destroy them in the womb.

“As the media fumes over nonexistent hate at Palin speeches, it ignores leftists who go berserk on city streets.  Will the media run with a story of [a white male] Obama supporter who went berserk at the sight of McCain signs and repeatedly struck a woman volunteer on the head with a stick?”

More media bias: Even Dan Rather admits the media would have jumped all over Palin if she had said what Biden did about a crisis being generated if her running mate were to be elected. 

Also, have you noticed how Biden hasn’t had press conferences for a long time?  Think they’re hiding him?  Why no outrage from the press over that?

8 thoughts on “Weekly roundup”

  1. “Slavoski said Singleton was interviewed Wednesday and stood by his story but couldn’t give a description of the man because he didn’t see him he only heard him.”

    So it didn’t happen because he didn’t SEE the person he Heard? Oy veh…


  2. Hey!

    Thanks for mentioning the persecuted church, and reminding all of the situation that is a reality for so many. I just posted another entry from an eyewitness (American) to the Orissa attacks on my blog.

    Thanks also for linking to “Tortured for His Faith”. My former pastor, Christo Kulichev, also did time in prison – from 1985 – 1988, just before the fall of communism. Thankfully, he wasn’t (physically) tortured, but the brainwashing and interrogation tactics he endured would have worn all but the strongest men down.


  3. And rather ignorant of the constitution:

    Q: Brandon Garcia wants to know, “What does the Vice President do?”

    PALIN: That’s something that Piper would ask me! … [T]hey’re in charge of the U.S. Senate so if they want to they can really get in there with the senators and make a lot of good policy changes that will make life better for Brandon and his family and his classroom.

    If you don’t believe it, watch the video:



  4. Hi John,

    Re. the VP roles – you might want to get some more background here if you are really interested in that topic – http://conservablogs.com/haemet/ . Among other things, she was answering a question brought up by a third grader, so she was answering in simple terms.

    Also, please share what your response would have been if Palin or McCain had said that FDR was President in 1929 and that TV had been in play. Did you Biden’s ignorance on that one? He wasn’t talking to a third grader, though he knew about as much as one on that topic.

    And are you really concerned about whether the candidates know the Constitution? Seems like it should be a requirement of someone in Obama’s pay grade, but he fails there: http://www.prolifeblogs.com/articles/archives/2008/10/i_think_that_th.php

    Re. Palin’s wardrobe: How shocking! They wanted the VP to look her best for the election season. Did they use your money to do that? Because Obama wants to spread the wealth around.


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