Ike status

Hey – thanks for the well wishes.  All the people are ok here.  We’re still without power and may be for days (trees knocked down power lines for several neighbors), water came back late yesterday (yea!), two huge trees came down (pics to come), some roof damage and leaking and damage to be fixed, lost part of the fence, was lucky to find a generator today and some gasoline. 

The kids are off school until Thursday so of course they are disappointed.  Not sure of my work status – lots of damage downtown.

Not much blogging this week, though I have a few set to post.  Hope you all are doing well!


8 thoughts on “Ike status”

  1. neil-

    we made it though also. what a night, one for the remembrance books. i blogged about my experience too. we had minimal damage…only trees, nothing on the house. glad you are all safe.

    best regards,



  2. I’ve been through two hurricanes myself, and I know the various emotions that come and go. But God is good and He will be your strength and we will pray for you and others along the coast.


  3. I forgot my favorite blogger was in Texas. My prayers are will you and others that were affected. Ike affects were felt here in Missouri too. Like Timothy I hope the power comes back quickly so I can continue to be enlightened and encouraged.


  4. I forgot you were in Texas too! For some reason I thought you were right here in Southern Cali!

    We’re praying for you all and I too hope that electricity is on very soon! Glad you have water and a generator.

    Take care now!


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