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Media bias?  What media bias?  The NY Times is over 500 times more likely to refer to Hillary Clinton as Mrs. than Ms. than they are Sarah Palin.  And they are 156 times as likely to refer to Clinton with her title of Senator than they are to refer to Palin as Governor.

Searching the New York Times shows the following results: 
Mrs. Clinton found 40,400 times 
Ms. Clinton found 909 times 
Senator Clinton/Sen. Clinton found 23,360 times 
Hillary Clinton found 21,500 times

Mrs. Palin found 297 times 
Ms. Palin found 3,370 times 
Governor Palin/Gov. Palin found 1,067 times 
Sarah Palin found 154,000 times

I used to think it was unfair that the media spent such disproportionate time dissecting her record and ignoring Obama’s, then I realized why it wasn’t so illogical: She has a much broader record to review.

Obama wants change?  I kinda like the zero terrorist attacks for the last 7 years, as Ann Coulter reminds us.  Like him or not, Bush did what he thought was right and not what was popular. 

Christopher Hitchens is a smart guy, but makes many logical mistakes when debating God.  Here’s a good answer to this question that Hitchens tries to use as some sort of trump card.

Name one moral action performed by a believer that could not have been done by a nonbeliever.

The short answer is that he sets up a question that he can’t lose, because he’ll define morality however he likes.  If we name an act such as worshiping God, he’ll simply say he doesn’t find it to be moral. 

Michelle Malkin on the Four Stages of Conservative Female Abuse

There’s something about outspoken conservative women that drives the left mad. It’s a peculiar pathology I’ve reported on for more than 15 years, both as a witness and a target. Thus, the onset of Palin Derangement Syndrome in the media, Democratic circles and the cesspools of the blogosphere came as no surprise. They just can’t help themselves.

Liberals hold a special animus for constituencies they deem traitors. Minorities who identify as social and economic conservatives have left the plantation and sold out their people. Women who put an “R” by their name have abandoned their ovaries and betrayed their gender. As female Republican officeholders and female conservative public figures have grown in number and visibility, so has the progression of Conservative Female Abuse. The astonishing vitriol and virulent hatred directed at GOP Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is the most severe manifestation to date.

My $0.02: What a perverse form of feminism – if you don’t push for the unlimited right to kill your unborn children then you aren’t a real woman.

I would have given Obama the benefit of the doubt on his “pig on a lipstick” idiom if I didn’t know he usually uses teleprompters and that it was scripted.  The best case for him is that he has a speech writer who couldn’t anticipate how it would get misinterpreted.  But that is stretching things.

My bigger beef with him is that he has played the race card over and over and now acts shocked that people would “misinterpret” what he said.  It isn’t the color of his skin that bothers me, it is the lack of thickness.

Here’s a great ad highlighting Mr. Hope & Change’s failed strategy:

Obama and friends – what a crew!  This is real and scary.

7 thoughts on “Weekly roundup”

  1. “Like him or not, Bush did what he thought was right and not what was popular. ”

    I firmly believe that, for the first time in my memory, we have a president who believes he was called by God to be president. I think that steers his every move.

    Past presidents may have believed they were right, but Bush believes he is doing God’s will, that he was made president for this time, not by the people, but by God (through the people). This will scare some people, and to be honest it scares me to some degree. The idea of turning a leader loose just because he thinks he hears God’s voice,,, well it all depends on which god he is talking about.

    When you think about it thought, this defines Bush’s character. It defined what he would do in the future. Looking back at the election of 2000, no one knew we would be attacked in under a year. That attack and Bush’s response has defined his presidency.

    I much prefer the current candidates focus on the issues rather than lipstick. The issues are enough to separate the candidates. But you also have to look at the character. What will the next president do when faced with a 9/11 sized event? Maybe it won’t be an attack, maybe it will be a domestic crisis. Maybe not even a crisis, maybe good times. But character defines what he will do.

    The 10 minute video at the end defines a lot of Obama’s character.


  2. I read an article on the web the other day that said the Democrats have complained that President Bush hasn’t done enought to protect the American people. But, as you’ve pointed out, the liberal media is in an orgy with Democrats. But, I distinctly recall both groups shooting down the President’s efforts at the Patriot Act (and its renewal), denying troops more troops and money, calling our military’s means of terrorist interviews “torture”, etc.

    Good post!


  3. It is indeed a good post, Neil, and you’re right: Obama is scary! I don’t believe a word the man says. I don’t see how anyone can.

    That second video should be enough to wake people up, but sadly there are many folks just not paying attention. Things are starting to turn around though. Let’s all pray they continue to do so!


  4. What I find particularly perplexing about the phenomena that Michelle Malkin describes is that these are the first people to tell us that they don’t vote with their body parts. (I’m keeping this discussion to a level appropriate for a family blog, but you can guess the catch phrase employed.)

    So it’s okay for progressive women to vote for Obama and not Hillary, but it’s not okay for the rest of us to vote for Bush or McCain or… gasp… Sarah Palin?

    Hypocrisy in the extreme.


  5. My bigger beef with him is that he has played the race card over and over and now acts shocked that people would “misinterpret” what he said. –Neil

    I don’t believe Obama has ever played the race card. Most of it was the perception of many conservative pundits along with some of the more radical dems who played the race card. The general view of Obama is that he was a bit too careful not to “scare white America” by talking about race.

    My $0.02: What a perverse form of feminism – if you don’t push for the unlimited right to kill your unborn children then you aren’t a real woman.–Neil

    I’ve also seen this. I still can’t understand why the right to an abortion is the most important issue to mainstream feminists. I’d think it should be equal pay and other social and economic gains. There’s no power in abortion rights, IMO.


  6. My impression is that Obama has not played any cards. Somebody else plays the card, and depending on how it goes Obama either heartly embraces the idea of his dear friend or denounces the position of this person he hardly knows and never really liked.


  7. The second video left out one of Obama rama ding dong’s most revered mentors. Saul Alinsky. Obama and his wife both used lines directly out of Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals” in their respective speeches before the Democratic Convention.

    Alinsky is a card carrying Marxist.


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