Evangelism experiences 5

holy_spirit_sky.jpgAs noted in the overview, this is part of a series of experiences I want to share about evangelism. Please feel free to add your own.

Sometimes you can’t be sure if you are encouraging a current believer or sharing the Gospel with someone who is not a believer.  Just look at the surveys: Countless people claim to be Christians but hold bizarre, non-Christian views.  Are they “saved and confused?”  Maybe.  Others play the church game like I used to before I really believed.  As noted previously, when in doubt share the Gospel. 

This example is more of encouragement than Gospel-sharing.  I was in a Bible study with someone who asked good, fair questions but seemed to be more of a skeptic than a believer.  He may have been saved but hadn’t challenged his tough questions and doubts. 

I gave him Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Christ” and “The Case for Faith” and he enjoyed them both.  He eventually rededicated his life to Christ and has shown a simply amazing transformation.  He does things in lay ministry that most would have never predicted for him. 

He surprised me once when he gave his testimony and noted how much those books made a difference to him. 

I never get tired of watching the Holy Spirit transform lives.

4 thoughts on “Evangelism experiences 5”

  1. I know we have to be careful of not questioning one’s faith and sincere hearts but, I was just talking to a friend of mine about all the people that go to church and never seem to have a clue. This same group doesn’t get involved in any ministries, and when they do, they don’t participate.

    Our church is always short in volunteers. We have hundreds of attendees – and a handful of Sunday programs. Should it not be that we have plenty of resources?

    We want quality. Not Quantity.

    Sharing the gospel is important – especially when sharing with other Christians.


  2. The Case for Christ book is really good. I was giving out copies at the local university here. Apparently I had made a name for myself because when I approached a couple of girls to give an evangelistic survey, they asked me if I was the guy who gave out the free books. Well, then they shot off and left. Nevertheless, those books (and More than a Carpenter) do a good job defending the Christian faith.


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