Really, can you blame him?

warning.gifFew things are as frustrating as lawn equipment that won’t work.  Kevin found this gem (emphasis added):

A 57-year-old south side man, who might have been struggling with a hangover, is charged today with shooting his lawn mower with a sawed-off shotgun.

“I’ll tell you the truth,” a criminal complaint quotes an apparently inebriated Keith Walendowski. “I got [angry] because my lawn mower wouldn’t start, so I got my shotgun and shot it.

“I can do that. It’s my lawn mower and my yard, so I can shoot it if I want,” Walendowski told police.

I can relate. I had a weed eater go bad once. I got so tired of re-stringing it, among other problems. It finally gave out one too many times and I realized I had to get a new one. I was hot and irritated.

As I walked back towards the house I picked it up over my head and body slammed it to the ground. Twice, I think (details are sketchy). Luckily I didn’t swear – out loud, at least – because it turns out that my youngest daughter (~12) was watching from an upstairs window.

She really helped the situation by deadpanning, “It’s a good thing the riding mower didn’t break.”

5 thoughts on “Really, can you blame him?”

  1. I heard about this story this morning on Moody Radio news (SRN News).

    My first thought was: it is his lawn mower. Then the news mentioned the use of a cut-over shot-gun. That’s a bit dangerous…

    If I had seen that or heard the shot, I would’ve freaked out. I might’ve gone down to my basement and gotten mine out!!!!



  2. Hi Neil,
    That’s hilarious. I did something similar to a 486 computer one time. Fortunately, the 486 was way past it’s prime and I got a better one for free. 🙂


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