Al Gore = fraud & hypocrite

money.jpgGood piece from Mark about how Al Gore is at it again.  Someone please take the microphone away from him!

The people who interview Gore, including those in Congress, are either clueless or gutless.  The conversation should go like this:

Reporter/Congressman: Is it true that you own all those houses and vehicles and use many times more power than the average American?

Gore: Yes, but I buy carbon offset credits.

R/C: [Extended laughter] No, really, is it true about the houses and vehicles?

Gore: Yes, but I buy carbon offset credits.

R/C: [Laughter turns to indignation] You are a fraud and a hypocrite.  Get out of here and stop wasting our time.  Even if your carbon offset credits meant something and even if you didn’t personally profit from them, you would still change your living habits dramatically if you cared a fraction as much about the environment as you claim to.

Have we really been listening to this guy?  Did we really let schools show his movie?  Did he really win a Nobel Prize?  Is our collective discernment this low?  This should be a very short conversation, yet here we are as a nation, taking this guy seriously.

10 thoughts on “Al Gore = fraud & hypocrite”

  1. Neil, the Goricle is laughing all the way to the bank. The man has made big bucks and will go down in history as the world’s biggest hypocrite and scammer. What a legacy!


  2. When Gore’s hypocrisy came out about a year ago, he went through a concerted effort to reduce his electric usage. The result? It went UP 10%.

    But at least he’s buying carbon credits…


  3. All it means is that he pays for his hypocrisy.

    Dang! I wish I had thought up the carbon offset scam. I would love collecting money from the hypocrites on the left. I guess hind sight’s always 20/20. 😦


  4. The Earth Science teacher at my son’s school showed that film to her class. After it was over, she asked for comments. My son held up his hand and when called upon, he said, “How do we know what the temperature is going to be in 100 years when we can’t even predict what it will be tommorrow with any accuracy?”

    I admit I was pretty proud of my son when he related that to me.

    Sadly, he isn’t even a Christian. He says he’s agnostic. But at least he shows he has some common sense.

    By the way, Where are all the scoffers who make my life so miserable over at my place?


  5. Hi Neil,
    I don’t know if you are a fan of Rush, but he interviews Dr. Roy Spencer, who actually is a meteorologist, in his newsletter for June. The guy absolutely takes a part the global warming crowd’s arguments. I’m hoping to do a post on it in the future.


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