Best thank-you ever

I taught an economics lesson for a 4th grade class at the school where my wife is a librarian.  I combined some old Junior Achievement lessons and did a chocolate chip cookie taste test.  I explained a lot of financial and decision making principles along the way, and we discussed how advertising works and what we can do to avoid being tricked. 

The kids were great.  They enjoyed the cookies and asked lots of good questions.  I’ve taken a couple years off after teaching JA classes for various grades for about 12 years.  It was a lot of fun, and I’m thinking about starting it up again.  JA classes are proven to reduce drop-outs.

The teacher had the students write thank-yous, and they were all sweet.  But this one was the best (emphasis added):

Dear Mr. Simpson,

Thank you so much!  You are the best!  You saved me probably more than $100!

Now I know that Mrs. Simpson is very lucky to live with you.

With care,


That’s what I’ve been saying all along!  Finally, someone agrees with me.  Be sure to tell Mrs. Simpson (actually, she read the note before I did and was equally amused).

8 thoughts on “Best thank-you ever”

  1. Hi Edgar – let me know if you try it. I enjoyed the students (believe it or not, my favorite age range was 7th-8th grade). It was a great way to develop presentation skills as well.


  2. sweeeet!

    I had my first Colonoscopy not too long ago – I had the Dr. write me a note saying my head was indeed no where to be found – ya know, to show my wife I had proof.

    I carry that note – pretty much where ever I go now. 🙂

    Seriously – these kids are blessed to have you share your talents!


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