Weekly roundup

roundup.jpg The debate Richard Dawkins would like to forget.

Nancy Pelosi promised that the Democrats had a common sense plan to reduce gas prices.  They have gone up $1.18 since then.  McCain and the Congressional Republicans should send her a thank-you note.

She has also been running around with fake Bible quotes.  I’m used to politicians misquoting it, but making something up from scratch is less common.

A thorough review of Eckhart Tolle’s book (Oprah’s new religion)

According to Tolle, Jesus, like the Buddha, was an “early flower” in the evolution of human consciousness whose message was misunderstood and distorted (6). . . . Where Tolle got his “inside information” about a non-distorted version of Jesus’ message that predates this he unfortunately does not tell.

Yes, live in the now! But do it in loving relationship with God rather than by believing you are God.

10 ways Darwinists help Intelligent Design.  Thanks, guys!

Chelsea and the Red Dress Party – gotta read it to believe it.


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