Weekly roundup

Don’t miss The Pachyderm’s bit on Driver’s Ed, the Modern Leftist Way

How abortion kills more than just babies – nice analysis by Washed & Forgiven plus some meaty comments as well

Why pro-life Presidents matter – it isn’t just the Supreme Court justices 


Does faith require God to be hidden?

See www.str.org

5 thoughts on “Weekly roundup”

  1. Thanks for the links Neil.

    What it amazes me, is that vast amount of info we have out there on the internet.

    I wonder how the Psalmist would’ve used the Internet in one of his psalms…


  2. There is a movie box, but I can’t see it on this computer 😦

    As for faith requiring god to be hidden, the answer is yes. If god wasn’t hidden people wouldn’t need faith, only trust (for example we don’t need faith to know the president exists- we do need trust to follow him). However trust isn’t really aplicable because god is the only contender- now if there were multiple gods it would be more relevant.


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