Prison ministry closing ceremony

kairosjesusbehindbars.jpgI’m working another prison ministry weekend in March.  If anyone in the Houston area wants to come to the closing ceremony, it will be at 5:00 on Sunday, March 9.  Just click in the “Email Neil” box to the upper right and ask for the application instructions (you’ll need send an email with your driver license # to get on the entrance list). 

The ceremony is held inside an auditorium on the prison grounds.  It is quite safe.  The ceremony isn’t completely predictable, but you get a real feel for the transformed lives that occur because of what God is doing through various prison ministries.  If you have any interest, come check it out.

More here: Off to prison (ministry)

One thought on “Prison ministry closing ceremony”

  1. Once again, I just wanted to commend you (and all involved, obviously) for your work with the Prison ministry. I think many people underestimate the impact these have in reforming lives. Good work!


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