Weekly roundup

force-beliefs.jpgI updated the Pro life reasoning PowerPoint slides I use for CareNet Pregnancy Center volunteer training.  I made a bunch of tweaks, updated a few arguments and added one about consciousness based on Theobromophile’s reasoning in one of her comments.  Here’s a paraphrase:

To legally remove someone from life support who is not conscious you need to demonstrate that you are acting in that person’s best interests (as they would so act if they were conscious) and that there is little or no hope of recovery.  Abortion fails on both counts.

I’d be glad to present these to church or other groups around the Houston area if the timing works out.  Just email me if you are interested.

I’m still going with Fred Thompson for President.  I think he has the right views (at least as right as any other candidate), is focusing on the right issues, has good leadership qualities and electibility.  Simply put, I think he’d make a good President. 

If Huckabee were running for next-door neighbor he’d have my vote.  But he isn’t presidential material in my view.  Romney has some good qualities but I don’t trust his pro-life and pro-family positions.  Switching views isn’t a problem if done convincingly and for the right reasons.  Giuliani?  He’s better than Hillary, of course, but that isn’t saying much. 

Abortion supporter knocks 69 yr. old pro-lifer unconscious; media silent – Would they be silent if the roles were reversed?  Not likely.

What about pain that we don’t understand?  Among other things, Greg Koukl points out that people never ask “Where is God when evil happens?” when they are doing something evil like adultery.

9 thoughts on “Weekly roundup”

  1. Thank you! Very exciting to know that a small part of my rantings may influence people to re-think abortion. 🙂

    Agree re: Fred. I think he really understands the need for conservative judges, without which all the good legislation in the world won’t make a difference.


  2. I like Thompson as well. Other than Paul, he is my choice. Thompson has this esoteric philosophy called federalism. It’s a very fascinating relic from the old Constitutional days.


  3. Hey Neil,

    I would not use the word “electibility” to describe Thompson, but that’s just me. Pat Robertson seems to think Giuliani will nominate excellent judges for some reason.

    I’m not so sure about Huckabee myself, so I’m leaning McCain: national security, decent judges (Roberts & Alito), and a mostly consistent pro-life record = the trifecta. I guess the process will narrow itself down for us eventually.


  4. I actually haven’t made up my mind except for the one candidate that I’ve decided not to vote for (Rudy – see my blog 11/30/07 for details).

    McCain always seems mad. I thought Fred would make a good president, but I haven’t been overwhelmingly impressed.

    I have to confess, I haven’t studied any of the candidates that hard yet.


  5. I guess it’s officially a comment-section bandwagon, but I too agree with you about Thompson. He hasn’t done much so far, but he’s my fave anyway. I actually think the fact that he has been lying back, relatively speaking, gives him points for common sense and integrity. It’s pretty screwed up that Presidential elections now begin, oh, I dunno, the day after Inauguration? Of course, his restraint might cost him the nomination, but still…I heart Fred!!!


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