Hate crimes

hate.jpgJust for the record: 

  1. I oppose hate
  2. I oppose hate crimes
  3. I oppose hate crimes legislation

Some people find item 3 to be incongruous with items 1 & 2, but it isn’t.   Hate crimes legislation is about politics, and specifically about silencing opposing views. 

I am pro-1st Amendment, even for journalists who hate Christians and write things that would get them fired if the subject were any other group.  

And for people who mock the birth of Christ, for example, I think they are tasteless.  But I don’t react the way other religions do when they are offended.

More here.

7 thoughts on “Hate crimes”

  1. Hate crimes legislation is also about allowing a person to make a pile of fame, money, or whatever by simply perceiving a slight to their character. For instance, I could accuse you of a hate crime for this post because you are being discriminatory to those who are the victims of hate crimes. Sounds dumb, I know, but it could happen under hate crime laws.


  2. The real problem, as has been pointed out, is that the thoughts and intents of man are under scrutiny, not actions. Only God knows those… who are we to assume we know these things?


  3. The thoughts and intents of a man’s heart often show through his actions (even within a “hate crime”). If there are problems with hate crime legislation, free speech is among the least of them.


  4. A black kid holding himself out as a drug dealer set my son up as a chump to rob him & when he ran to get away he shot him in the back multiple times with a 44 mag hand gun & killed him just for the hell of it. The neighbors where he was brutally murdered said my son got what he asked for because he had no business being there because he was white & this is a black neighborhood. This hate crime stuff works both ways today but they never report stuff like this & especially not the SCLC or NAACP. Is that what Barrack Obama means when he says yes we can.


  5. What I find more hateful than anything else is the censure of ideas simply because they are offensive. This is what we are beginning to see. Have you seen the lawsuit against Zondervan for publishing a Bible that calls homosexuality a sin? There does come a point when people need to take ownership of their own hurt feelings and stop trying to blame others for them.

    If we value freedom, we should not tolerate Marxist style thought police who tell people what they can or can not believe. We train our children to be teachable but to also stand up for their convictions when appropriate. We should not let the hurt feelings of some people be the thing which determines what we do. This is not being selfish, but responsible. I would never encourage verbal abuse or anything like that, but for crying out loud, if I am offended at something somebody believes or does, sometimes the answer is to learn to contain my emotions and move on.


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