Mmmmm . . . PIES

pie.jpgOK, not those kinds of pies.  This is what I call the parenting PIES.  I have found that most of the areas we want our kids to mature in fit into this handy acrostic:

P – Physical – Our bodies were made to last a lifetime.  Do something physical – anything!  We figured our girls would try all sorts of things, but they quickly gravitated to ballet.  That was fine with us.  As long as they are doing something on a regular basis we’re happy.  I hope they keep up a fitness lifestyle their whole lives, even if it is just walking.

I – Intellectual– This category is often overdone.  It is certainly important, but getting a 3.5 GPA instead of a 3.3 probably won’t have a radical impact on your success in life.  If kids are intrinsically motivated then you don’t need to push them about grades.  Other kids will need more coaching and motivation.

E – Emotional– Based on what I’ve read and experienced, people with higher EQs (“emotional quotients”) often do better than people with high IQs.  Emotional maturity helps people avoid all kinds of problems in life.  I’ve seen many people who were the smartest ones in the room, but they couldn’t relate to people well or lead them. 

S – Spiritual – This is the most important and most often neglected. Eternity is a mighty long time.  Being a success at life is all about being wise, and wisdom comes from God.  If you haven’t read Proverbs this would be a good day to start!

If the pieces of the pie are imbalanced then problems occur.  You can be really smart and really athletic, but if you are emotionally and spiritually immature then you will suffer for it.

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