Laity Sunday Sermon

umc-cross.jpgI had the opportunity to do the Laity Sunday sermon at church again this year (yes, I know it is evidence that we must be living in the end times).  Once per year they ask lay people to do the sermons at the three different services.  We spoke on Romans 12:1-13, which contains one of my favorite passages. 

For the two of you who want to listen to it, click here for the audio and the outline. 

I’ve done the praise & worship services in the past, which use PowerPoint.  I did the traditional service this year, which was a little different. 

Things look so simple from the congregation, but when you are leading the service you realize there are lots of little things that have to happen on queue to make things work. 

4 thoughts on “Laity Sunday Sermon”

  1. Hi Neil,

    I’m hoping you post more multimedia post. This was very enjoyable.

    And to comment on your sermon, I must say that I have learned to “not volunteer” for every committee. There is such a thirst to want to do many things but I realized “doing many” things is not as effective as having one commitment based on those gifts and calling from God.

    Thanks for sharing.



  2. Thanks, Edgar, I appreciate that. I’ve toyed with doing some of my lessons on YouTube such as evangelism, pro-life reasoning, Jesus is the only way, etc. (basically doing voice overs on PowerPoint slides). I just haven’t found the time.

    Re. volunteering – “Just say no” works well!


  3. Excellent, Neil! 🙂

    I keep inviting people to church to no avail. They go once or twice and then fade away. You can lead a horse to water… (you know the rest). 🙂

    Let me know if you ever get around to the You Tube project!


  4. Good for you for being obedient, Gayle. Keep trying. You never know when God will be working in someone’s heart and then they’ll remember you are someone who cared and who can be trusted.


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