Guest post: Tough decisions

From an email by Sunday School Teacher (long time commenter, first time guest-blogger).  I thought it was worth sharing.

After some of the discussions on abortion on your blog; I want to relate the story of a young friend of mine. I cited this case in a comment before knowing the outcome. I said I could not condemn these kids if they had an abortion, well I am glad (and a little ashamed) that they had more faith than I did. Our families have been friends for four generations and he went through school (K-12) with my oldest son.

Luke (not his real name) got married about a year and a half ago. About nine months ago the couple found out they were going to have a baby. This was a planned pregnancy and they were overjoyed.

About three months into the pregnancy they learned that their baby had serious problems. It was not likely that the baby would survive the pregnancy and if he did he would not live more than 2 weeks in the best case. The doctors recommended an abortion.

I don’t know the young lady Luke married very well, but Luke has gone to church regularly his whole life (not Methodist), with parents and grandparents whose religion involves a lot more that just going to church. So, the young couple did what I would say was the right thing, they talked to their parents, they talked to their pastor, they talked to other Christians, and of course they talked to God. I know they heard many sound and sincere arguments on both sides.

In the end they chose not to have an abortion. As the time for the baby’s birth drew near, there was more bad news. The baby’s kidneys had not developed and his lungs were only partly developed. There was no chance the child could survive his birth.

So the couple decided to have a c-section so that the baby could avoid the trauma of birth. They did so knowing that the child would still not live more than a few hours. The little boy came into the world without having to struggle to breathe with those weak lungs.

The family was prepared, both sets of grandparents were there; everyone held the baby and they tried to put a life-time of love into those few hours they would have. Well they had three precious hours and then the baby died.

I don’t know what happens to these little ones, but I am inclined to believe that if this couple holds on to their faith; one day they will be greeted in heaven by a soul full of love and apreciation for those three hours. They could not choose life, but they could choose not to have their son killed by the violence of abortion or even the trauma of birth. Instead the boy died in the loving arms of his parents.

I think that’s quite a story but it doesn’t quite end yet. Thanks to his parents, the little boy with the weak lungs and no kidneys had a perfect heart. It had not been damaged by the trauma that would have occurred during his birth. So those fine kids donated that heart, so that somewhere some other baby might have a chance to live. I have thought about it a lot and I think that in that sad birthing room, that dying little boy was not the only one with a perfect heart.

I think the key thing here is that they looked for God’s will and tried to follow it. Who could have foreseen the outcome, only God. I know another couple who sought God’s will just as hard and did have the abortion, their child had no brain and could not possibly have survived. I know it sounds strange, but I think both couples made the right decision. When you seek God’s will in these things, I don’t think he makes it hard to find. You just have to have faith that he knows what he is doing.

Feel free to use the story if it will help someone, it is absolutely true. It has certainly made me think, I am not sure if I would have such faith.

God Bless,

“Sunday school teacher”

7 thoughts on “Guest post: Tough decisions”

  1. My heart goes out the the couple. My daughter recently lost a little boy, she was 7 months along. We all sat and cried together and took care of the mom & dad as best we could.


  2. I ditto TT’s comment. I’m all happy after a Red Sox victory, and now I’m all teary.


    IMHO, there is something very humane about ensuring that people die quiet deaths – not through the trauma of birth, the brutality of abortion, or the pain of futile procedures. If a C-section allows the baby to be born without the problems of birth, great! That’s information that other parents should know.

    There is also something tremendously comforting in saying good-bye. Parents who abort are denied that option (one which can bring an amazing amount of comfort, esp. if the pregnancy was planned). While you can never put a lifetime of love into a few short hours or days, you’ve tried.

    I’m doubly glad to hear that the little boy’s heart may have helped another baby to live – that only one set of parents had to face the pain of losing a child so young.

    On a side note, I do wonder what would happen if we had socialised medicine. Would the government, in efforts to ration care, not allow an expensive C-section when vaginal delivery would work? Would it prohibit paying for the birth at all, when a $400 abortion would yield the same result?


  3. Theo
    Your last point is good, if scary. In a society that routinely kills babies because they are an inconvenience. I doubt that the bureuacracy would be interested in other alernatives.


  4. We had a very similar situation occur in our extended family a number of years back. Those few hours of life were indeed precious ones.


  5. Thank you, SST.

    Incidentally, I’m dealing with a few trolls who cannot understand why a Christian (or any moral person) would oppose socialised medicine. Um… how about because you lose the most fundamental of your rights: to stay alive without the government having an interest in your death?


  6. Wow! What a story! I think it’s awesome that they blessed another family in such a tremendous way by giving his heart. What a wonderful gift of life that they could give! My heart just breaks for this family but what peace they must have knowing they did all they could to help this precious little baby have the best life he could – even if it was incredibly short.


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