Prayer requests

prayer2.jpgHi – I thought I’d try something new.  Many churches (mine included) have email prayer chains, but I thought I would give you all a forum for prayer requests as well.  I’ll list a couple that you are invited to pray for.  You can add your own in the comments section and we can pray for each others’ concerns.  Let’s give it a try.  Electrons are cheap.

Here are a few for me:

  • Praises for a friend I used to work with at HP who had a successful operation to fuse some nerves in her back (if it sounds painful that’s because it is!).
  • Praises and prayers for a friend who is doing better but still suffering from severe headaches.  This has been going on for months.
  • Prayers for protection, wisdom and discernment for some recently and about-to-be released prisoners.  There are so many ways for Satan and our own natures to trip us up.  One gentleman I met through Kairos visited our church last week.  I pray that he is welcomed at church and successful with his new freedom.

5 thoughts on “Prayer requests”

  1. Prayers for all those with whom I disagree. May we debate and discuss and remember that a few cheap shots are mostly for fun.

    More prayers for those with whom I disagree. May each of us focus on the real meaning of our opponents’ words, may we ask for clarification when we see something really troubling, and may we remain open to what may be truthful and logical.

    Prayers for all those risking all overseas that their missions may be accomplished without the risks being realized.


  2. Prayers for a member of our church who had a heart attack 100 miles from home. Surgeons put in three stints, but she was having some internal bleeding.

    Prayers for my church and our new pastor, our leadership has forced the previous two pastors to leave for preaching scripture as truth. (Things like Jesus really was God and the Holy Spirit is a real entity)

    Praises for blogs such as this that help us to look at new ideas and help each other to grow spiritually. And on a personal level, make me feel that I am not alone out here after all.


  3. Pray for a friend (initals LS) who has breast cancer. She has a radical mastectomy on Sept 13. Her marriage has never been easy. This is sure to shake things up. She’s 38 and they have a daughter under 2 years old.


  4. Hmm.. all the posts here seem quite old, but hopefully you’re still doing this. please lift up my father (Charles) he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, and doesn’t know the Lord.

    Thanks, and God Bless.


  5. Tom, thanks for resurrecting this post! I need to do more of this. I prayed for your father regarding his illness and that God would bring people in his path that he trusts and will listen to about the truth of Jesus.


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