Blessed are the meek


The comedian Dennis Miller had a great piece on Matthew 5:5 (Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth).  He said something like: 

Who cares if the meek inherit the earth?  We’ll just take it right back from them.  What are they going to do about it?  They’re a bunch of meeks!

Of course, the key to the joke was the misunderstanding of what it means to be meek and to inherit the earth.

In the context of the Sermon on the Mount, meekness is submitting to God after we have acknowledged our spiritual bankruptcy and mourned over our sins. 

But meek does not equal weak.  It is power under control.  It is humility and not exercising our power.  By submitting our wills to God we are being meek.  Just as a tamed lion or horse still has all of its power, so do we. 

Meekness does not equal cowardice.  Consider what Christians have done over the centuries for God that took incredible courage.

Meekness does not equal timidity or passivity.  Consider all the exciting and energy-requiring things people do for God – mission trips, sharing the Gospel, teaching, service, etc.

8 thoughts on “Blessed are the meek”

  1. Well put…I remember the Dennis Miller comment from when I used to always watch his show on HBO.
    I can admire anyone who has the strength of character to stand up for their faith.

    Disclaimer: not talking about violent or radical terrorist methods of standing up for faith…by any group


  2. I was driving to an appt yesterday and I saw this bumper sticker that said “Women who followed the rules rarely ever made history”. Although I think some liberal was driving that car (the bumper sticker next to it was a Bush hater sticker), I think that can be true of anyone. You are right, being meek doesn’t mean we have to be weak. I think many times Christians take that approach. They think they can’t step on toes or they have to love everyone which means not giving constructive criticism. They turn a blind eye when wrong is being done. I see that in my inlaws big time! Your post hit it right on.


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