Bad spleen joke of the day

spleen.gifOK, it is more of just a pun, and the “of the day” part is a stretch.  This is probably more of a once-in-a-lifetime thing.   There was an episode of the TV show House where the patient had too many spleens.  I was surprised they didn’t work this joke into the dialogue!

Actual conversation:

Daughter:  Taylor’s uncle found out that he had more than one spleen.

Me:  Well, then he has some ex-spleening to do.

You can start groaning . . . . . . . . . . now!

10 thoughts on “Bad spleen joke of the day”

  1. why did you tell that joke? just for the halibut.
    my son has been cracking up over that for 2 days now!
    Blessings, Kristina


  2. Neil:

    This MD found your joke to be very punny! 🙂
    In closing, let’s give Neil a big hand and don’t forget your waitresses on your way out.



  3. You know, its nice to hear you have a sense of humor (however corny it may or may not be) every once in awhile aside from all the political and apologetic discussions. So I approve of your corny joke. Plus my husband is the master cornball…so your in good company.

    Thanks, Michelle. We have lots of fun in my house. But humor can be hard to translate into blogging. I’m more of a quipster than a stand-up comedian. Tell your husband not to change!


  4. ex-spleening…..hahaha. i just died from laughter and the rest of my family said that it wasnt funny. but my sister and i love it!!


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