Alec Baldwin was exposed. You will be, too.

phone.jpgOK, so Alec Baldwin isn’t going to win Father of the Year in 2007.  Or 2008.  Or ever.  But this really isn’t about piling on him.  Of course what he said was awful, but I’m not sure that worldwide humiliation is fair or helpful either.  (Too bad about him and Kim Basinger.  They made terrific guest stars on The Simpsons once.)

But his travails did remind me of this verse:

Matthew 12:36 But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken.

Sorry to be a wet blanket, but you are going to die.  Yes, you.  Roughly a quarter of a million people die every day, and very few of them planned it.  The mean, median and mode of deaths per person is exactly one (1). 

Every one of our careless words (and thoughts, and deeds, and failure to do good deeds) will all be reviewed one day.  Just you and your creator, one-on-one.  Every secret laid bare. 

You have two options:

  1. Be 100% accountable on your own (bad idea).  God is more holy than we can imagine.  All our excuses and “I was a good person” reasoning will vanish in an instant.  We will not be in a position to convince almighty God that Heaven just won’t be the same without us.
  2. Accept what Jesus did in your place (good idea).  He did all the work.  You just have to trust that He was raised from the dead and make him Lord of your life.

13 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin was exposed. You will be, too.”

  1. You said “The mean, median and mode of deaths per person is exactly one (1)”

    To be picky, that’s not 100.00% accurate, but very close. There were two people who never died (Enoch and Elijah) and there were 4 or so who died twice. Lazarus, Jarius’ daughter, the Widow and Nain’s son and the Sumanite’s son {raised by Elisha}).

    So the number of deaths per person is slightly over 1.

    (Sorry if I sound a little flippant, it’s Monday morning)


  2. The Alec Baldwin story reminds me of an occurance where a friend of mine came home and found a long rambleing message on her phone from her ex-husband. He was talking to their son, and telling the child that his mother was a lying whore and other unsavory stuff. Several minutes of just tearing her down, telling her son all sorts of terrible lies from his paranoid brain.

    Turns out, he had accidentally hit the speed dial number for her house on his cell phone, and didn’t notice, so the whole conversation was recorded.



  3. wow teresa that is a wild story. I’m glad that she would come to find those things were being said to her son. how heart-wrenching though.

    You are so right about mr. baldwin. I was really floored by it. my hope is that the exposure will cause a reality check for him and those involved…. but i know when you are a celebrity, reality is a hard thing to check.


  4. Oh Neil,

    This is how rotten I am: Every time I hear that tape, see it mentioned in print media, or see it on the evening news — I crack up laughing. See, I laughed just typing that — sorry. Is it because I want to see the little girl hurt? Of course not! Fact is, she’s 11 years old, and you know she’s been exposed to this before. She should be grateful her pig of a father was exposed to the world for being the idiot he is.

    I’m sorry, but when you’re in the middle of a messy divorce and you are so stupid as to leave that message on your child’s voice mail — well then, you’ve got it coming. Would I defend someone if they were notably conservative and or Republican that did the same thing? Now way– as I stated, you can’t get much stupider that this act.

    I’ve just seen Alec Baldwin fly off the handle so many times, but I guess even I didn’t think he was this stupid. It makes me laugh even harder when I watch the left coming to his defense — saying this could happen to anyone. Sorry, but most dumb people practice more common sense than this.

    Okay, you posted about him — and I can’t say I feel bad over laughing at his expense. I might someday, but that day hasn’t come yet. Have a great day!

    Still laughing,


  5. Hiya Neil…great stuff !
    Every one of our careless words (and thoughts, and deeds, and failure to do good deeds) will all be reviewed one day. Just you and your creator, one-on-one. Every secret laid bare. doubt we should think before we speak! 🙂


  6. Very good points. Although, I’m pretty sick of Hollyweird…but its pretty easy to point out their flaws. They seem to like to air that stuff…whether we want to know it or not. God bless!


  7. Mommyzabs,

    “wow teresa that is a wild story. I’m glad that she would come to find those things were being said to her son. how heart-wrenching though.”

    It wasn’t a big surprise for her, though. The reason for their divorce was apparently because he didn’t think there was such a thing as rape in marriage because there was no such thing as “nonconsensual” sex in marriage.

    After their divorce, he has their son secretly baptised into his religion without consulting, notifying, or inviting the mother.

    The father also got re-married and ordered his son not to tell the mom…the mom heard about the marriage when her son was crying because the father and step-mom were getting a divorce (less than a year agter the wedding), and he was heartbroken because he finally had the brother (step brother) he’d always wanted and now he was going to lose his brother.

    Serious Jerry Springer stuff. But it’s an everyday story.


  8. Hi Tammi – thanks for the candor! I haven’t actually heard the tape – I just saw parts of the transcript.

    All – yes, in a digital world I can’t believe how careless people are with voice mails and such. A close relative is going through a nasty divorce. Her abusive husband left all kinds of horrific messages on her phone, which she recorded. He was so clueless that he didn’t really think she had recorded them.


  9. Hi Neil —
    Yes, common sense didn’t play a role with your friend’s abusive husband, and he’s not even a public figure. I think stupidity in these cases obviously proves to be a good thing and brings light, not mention accountability, to people’s abusive tendencies.


  10. totaltransformation,

    My husband tells the kids “No, I won’t cross your mother. I’m too scared of her. What she says goes.”

    ‘course, they also laugh, because he is 6’5″ and took boxing at the Air Force Acadamy.


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