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11.jpgSpinal Tap reunites to fight climate change – The satirical movie This is Spinal Tap was such a clever send up of the rock world (“This one goes up to 11 . . . It’s one louder.”).  My fears were confirmed when I discovered that they would be supporting Al Gore’s efforts and not mocking them.  If you put your favorite line from the movie in the comments section it will make me feel better. 

The Democrats all flew in separate private jets to their debate in South Carolina.  What, no jet-pool?  I imagine Republicans would be just as wasteful, but then again, they aren’t trying to cram global warming restrictions down our throats and brainwash us and our kids with their faulty campaign videos documentaries.  Just something to keep in mind the next time you get a stern lecture for using napkins.  You would think that in an Internet age gross hypocrisy would be on the decline. 

More good pro-life reasoning by my favorite elephant.

One of my dogs has epilepsy (Xannie, the one on the right).  D’oh!  The poor thing had her second  set of seizures in the middle of the night this week.  It lasted over an hour.  It was the second time she has had them, and only a couple shots of valium made them stop.

I’m surprised she didn’t die.  I took her to the emergency clinic at 3:00 a.m.  The Vet thought I was cruel for not leaving her there “overnight” for observation (it was another $300 or so for just another 3 hours – you can do a lot of things for $100/hour!).  These Vets are very talented, but they can go a little overboard on the diagnostics.  Hopefully the medicine we got will prevent more seizures.

Wishbone “the Refrigerator” (the guy on the left) has pancreatitis.  I hope they both last a few more years.  I really like my dogs, but they have hit their lifetime maximum for animal hospital visits.  Click the pic for a larger view. 


17 thoughts on “Weekly roundup”

  1. You and QueenofSwords have a mutual love of Spinal Tap.

    Thanks for the shout-out! 🙂

    Your dogs are adorable. (Lots of awwwws from this side of the computer.) Very sorry to hear about their health issues. Dogs don’t live nearly as long as we would like them to live.

    If it makes you feel better, one of my friend’s dogs ate a towel and had to get $2,500 of surgery to get it out of her digestive tract. The next week, her owners found her with another towel in her mouth (because she didn’t learn the first time??) that was partially eaten. Thinking quickly (something about wanting to avoid another $2,500 bill), they went on the Internet and found that hydrogen peroxide will help the dog to vomit up the towel. They squirted it down her throat, had her horck up the pieces, and reassembled them to make sure that she got it all up.


  2. Thanks. I’ll go pay the QoS a visit.

    Wow – I didn’t know there was a dog out there dumber than mine!

    I used to have a cat that ate cotton. Even the Vet was at a loss over that one. He would skeletonize a pair of sweats. He ate cotton balls. The only good thing was that we got in the habit of always putting our clothes away.


  3. We, too, are sorry to hear about your iggies’ health issues. When I worked for an animal hospital, we saw some sad sad cases. The hardest part for owners, I think, is reaching the decision of what is “enough.” I love my cat (who I know doesn’t qualify as a pet) but there is a line. I have told her that she had best not fish dental floss out of the trash, because I will have a hard time convincing my husband that a two thousand dollar exploratory surgery is worth it.


  4. Thanks, Kelly. You must be a dog expert to know to call them iggies!

    One of our cats liked to play with floss as well – I’d hold it and she would grab at it and it would run through her teeth, almost as if she were flossing herself. My wife thought it was gross, but I’d say, “Hey, I always use it first.”


  5. “The Democrats all flew in separate private jets to their debate in South Carolina. What, no jet-pool”

    Of course they did. They don’t buy their own garbage. And if they do, then that makes them even more despicable.


  6. The jets- are they clueless that the media is tracking them on this stuff? is not the mere accountability making them ashamed to do such things?

    Love the post by Pachaderm. Amazing.

    Dogs- oh my gosh they are so adorable. SO adorable.


  7. As for the demonRat hypocrisy, well I’m certain they can all buy carbon offsets.

    As for the dogs — cute little whippets! Are these health troubles common for the breed, or is it just age? It’s so hard when it comes to making decisions as they get old. I know there are vets out there who take no issue with going through someone’s savings and retirement in order to line their pockets. Truthfully, some people in metropolitan areas would benefit from driving to a smaller community where the vet is much more reasonably priced.

    Anyway, our pups turn 5 and 3 this year. I wish we could freeze them at these ages and just enjoy them forever:)

    Have a good weekend Neil!


  8. Neil,

    I’m so sorry about the dog health woes. There comes a time where medical intervention might let a dog live longer, but if he can’t live like a dog, you wonder if it is worth it.

    I hope it works out OK for them and you.

    WRT the Democrats and the jet planes, it’s not as if those planes were only carrying one person each. They have staff and such…and it’s not as though it would be appropriate for them to co-ordinate their official schedules around travel to a campaign event.

    Imagine the bruhaha if one of them had skipped a comittee meeting in order to “jetpool” to a campaign event!

    Also, not all of them were coming from the same places…so it would be silly for them to all fly seperatly to the same place in order to make a public show of “jetpooling”

    Finally, I think that it is a little off-focus to talk about them trying to “cram global warming restrictions down our throats” when they are talking about public policy solutions to a public problem.


  9. Finally, I think that it is a little off-focus to talk about them trying to “cram global warming restrictions down our throats” when they are talking about public policy solutions to a public problem.

    Excellent point! They are talking about policy that is good for us but not for them. In other words, the common peasant needs to sacrifice and do what they say, but as hypocritical politicians, they will not adjust their live styles, they’re better than us common folk.


  10. It is frustrating for us, because we try to both live within our means and be good stewards of creation. It’s easy to be “green” when you can buy carbon dioxide “offset” credits- the challenge comes in making personal changes. So I will continue to fly east to see family- because it is what I can afford. I can also limit consumption other ways: reusing produce bags, reusable grocery bags, cloth napkins. I really wish that someone would inject some common sense into the discussion (I mean on the national platform, not here.).


  11. wytammic,

    I’m not sure what you mean. I havn’t heard much about any laws to force individuals to go green, as far as I knowm, it is an individual choice with some incentives to dfray the cost of replacing old inefficient appliances with new more energy efficient ones…and as far as I know most of those are state programs.

    What I hear about are national level policy changes forcing changes in public utilities and raising industry standards.

    Could you tell me what policies and laws they are pushing for that would not affect them?


  12. “The Democrats all flew in separate private jets to their debate in South Carolina. ”

    Wait, Maybe the bought some of those nonsense Carbon Credits to offset the trip. Gore buys them and may become the first Carbon Credit Billionaire, but they will be someone else expense. . . . . Next Stop Lauderdale


  13. Hi Teresa,

    Well, I believe AlGore is a democrat, and this is just one example of what he expects from the common man but does not intend to do himself.

    At the hearing, Inhofe asked Mr. Gore to take a “Personal Energy Ethics Pledge” to consume no more energy than the average American household. The Oscar-winning filmmaker would not take the pledge.

    It is my understanding that at the end of the inconvenient truth film, AlGore asks common citizens to take the Personal Energy Ethics Pledge. Just another do as I say, not as I do mentality.


  14. wytammic,

    I hadn’t heard that they were passing a law that forced people to take personal ethics pledges.

    See, I’m not going to as my son to take a chastity pledge, for instance. Many “Conservatives ask their children to do it, and they urge others to ask their children to do it. Many of them urge others to take chastity pledges or pledge to be faithful to their spouses when they can’t seem to do it themselves, and don’t appear to intend to stay faithful.

    I don’t see that as “forcing”. They are simply saying that you should.

    And as my husband just pointed out, if HE took the pledge Al Gore was asked to take, he could not do his job. If Al gore took that pledge, he could not do what he is doing.

    Further, Al Gores “mansion that everyone is so upset about uses about $20,000 dollars less per year than my husband’s bosses “mansion” which is much smaller…so I would say that Al Gore certainly has reduced himself below the average for a person of his class and the type of job that he has to do.

    If CEOs had to reduce their energy consumption to the “average” guy in the Kansas trailer park, he couldn’t make all his business trips. That would be silly.

    I hope for all our sakes that Inhofe realized that it was a rediculous request, but I fear his illogic and ignorace is for real.

    On the other hand, everyone should do what they can.


  15. Oh! You know what’s really funny? That Townhall.com doesn’t like something I wrote in response to one of their columnists and they banned my private IP address from viewing any of their sites.

    “Where your opinion counts” HA! Only as long as you think what they want you to think.


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