Weekly roundup

lasso.jpgThe Surrender Spender Democrats managed to make Al-Quaeda happy and approve some pork-barrel spending at the same time.  This picture captures it all.  The most pathetic part is that they had to know Bush would veto the bill but they still included the pork.  The Republicans must be grateful for the ammo.

Politically Correct Death Threats at Georgia Tech – just when you thought college campuses couldn’t get any more twisted and self-parodying.  (Hat tip: Verum Serum)

The Global Warming skeptics team led by Michael Crichton defeated the Global Warming advocates led by Brenda Ekwurzel in a debate moderated by Brian Lehrer before a live audience in New York City. Before the debate the organizers polled 57.32% to 29.88% in favor of Global Warming, but after the debate the numbers flipped to 46.22% to 42.22% in favor of the skeptics.”  One debate doesn’t mean the winner is right, but it is interesting to see how opinions change when multiple views are presented.  I wish we had a little more balance for Al Gore’s campaign video (An Inconvenient Truth) being shown to so many students around the world.  Hat tip: Dr. Helen


Cool organization and website – Guys For Life.   They had a survey with a small sample size but it showed lower figures than I have seen elsewhere.  Still, it points out that the #1 reason women have abortions is due to pressure from boyfriends.  Paying a perfect stranger to murder your unborn child is not a manly thing to do.  If you ever did that, I encourage you to repent and ask God for forgiveness.  If you are thinking about pressuring someone to abort, don’t do it.  There is a better way.

Quote of the week by Theobromophile: The route to equality is through good male behaviour, not bad female behaviour.

Good summary of how to get informed and do something about the modern day slave trade and sex trafficking.

5 thoughts on “Weekly roundup”

  1. That Georgia Tech story is horrible. I hope she files suit against them when she graduates – not a constitutional suit for free speech, but a suit for allowing the harassment and intimidation to continue (hostile environment). She has a sexual harassment suit; I suspect that a multi-million dollar verdict would shake some sense into GA Tech.

    I’m glad that people are recognising the role that men play in abortion. We’ve long been told that it is empowering for women, or at the very least, her own choice. Mostly, though, women who do that are pressured, coerced, or scared and exploited by men who don’t want to deal with a baby and child support. I cannot help but think that if men were to realise that, upon conception, that they are fathers, the abortion rate would drop. If you’ll permit a brief rant: we’ve created a society that indulges adoloscent male behaviour well into the 20s and early 30s – hook-ups, emotionless sex, STD vaccines – and then we are surprised when men don’t act better.


  2. Thanks, Neil. It is really wonderful to know men and know that there are men who expect more out of their gender – that the route to equality is through good male behaviour, not bad female behaviour.


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