This is feminism?!

Some quick bullet points to respond to anyone claiming that the pro-life view is anti-women.  Feel free to borrow these without attribution:

  • Virtually all gender selection abortions destroy female human beings for the sole reason that they are female human beings.
  • Legalized abortion puts the burden on women to use it as a method of birth control.
  • There are many physical and emotional risks to abortion that are bad for women.
  • Do women really have to have the legal right to kill their unborn children to prove they have equal value with men?


feminism.jpgAs someone with a mother, a sister, a wife, two daughters and many friends who are female, I am a big fan of women’s rights.  But consider this quote: 

Roe v. Wade enabled women to participate in the social, financial and political life of this country.   Gloria Feldt, former President of Planned Parenthood

I reject the reasoning that says women must have the ability to kill their unborn children to prove their worth and to fit into society, the workplace and politics.  Her statement doesn’t apply to the over 20 million females destroyed in utero in the U.S. since Roe v. Wade.  And nearly all gender selection abortions kill females.

Early feminists were pro-life.  Susan B. Anthony’s newspaper viewed women having abortions as a symptom of a lack of equality, not the proof of equality.  She called abortion “child murder,” and that was long before 4-D ultrasounds.  Other Susan B. Anthony quotes:

When a woman destroys the life of her unborn child, it is a sign that, by education or circumstances, she has been greatly wronged.


[Is the woman] guilty?  Yes.  No matter what the motive, love of ease, or a desire to save from suffering the unborn innocent, the woman is awfully guilty who commits the deed.  It will burden her conscience in life, it will burden her soul in death; But oh!  Thrice guilty is he who drove her to the desperation which impelled her to the crime!

The pro-life position is pro-women.

. . . abortion is the ultimate male chauvinism.  . . . abortion rips off women as much as it rips off the unborn, and allows male chauvinists to run free.  Rev. John C. Rankin


7 thoughts on “This is feminism?!”

  1. You know, I used to be pretty strongly pro-choice, believing in women’s rights – although I’ve always believed abortion to be murder.

    Abortion has become tied up in other, related, women’s rights issues: birth control (in and outside of marriage), removal of the “right” to marital rape, right to an abortion if your life is in danger (some people, esp. those of a certain faith, believed that the baby’s life should trump the mother’s), women’s health becoming its own priority (testing drugs for efficacy in women, focus on breast cancer, sexual dimorphism), etc.

    Very few people will disagree with any of the above. Somehow, abortion got tangled up in there, despite the fact that there are better family planning tools around. The free market really does work: women have so many birth control choices available that we cannot justify abortion as one of those methods.

    Moreover, it’s really men who benefit. When a woman has an abortion, he’s not going to pay child support (mandated at something like 17% of his paycheck in many states). The problem goes away. Women, however, are left with a lifetime of psychological problems, as they believe that they committed murder.

    The ready availability of abortion also makes it easy for men to not even use birth control: 70% of women who abort were not using it at the time. I really don’t see why allowing a man to not use a condom so that he enjoys it more, then having the woman abort so that he doesn’t have to pay child support, is anything but the height of chauvanism.

    Great post, Neil. 🙂


  2. Hi,

    Agreed Bridget, especially with increased, non remissive, psychological and even physical problems that remain after such a procedure. Also, teens, within 6 months of an abortion, are 10 times as likely to attempt suicide. Among adult women, 10 % have no side effects measurable or admitted to, while 90 % have all shades of distress, anxiety, heartache and remorse. Pro abortion bias certainly impedes further in-depth study of these, and other, maladies. One common situation is spread of STD’s both by neglecting condom use, but also by encouraging promiscuity, which imho is why abortion on demand is so militantly defended and encouraged.

    Thanks for another lesson, Neil.



  3. “Women, however, are left with a lifetime of psychological problems, as they believe that they committed murder.”

    I also believe that they committed murder, but I also agree that all too often the father does not believe that he did. If he encouraged and/or expidited the procedure, then he is equally guilty. And if he leaves the mother to suffer the consequences alone he is worse.


  4. Sunday School Teacher:

    As for psychological effects, the important question is how the person feels. I think they committed murder as well, but, if they don’t, they aren’t going to suffer any psychological repercussions.

    I completely agree with your comments about the men – I would go a step further and say that anything less than active support of a pregnant woman (when you got her that way) is evil. 98% of women who get pregnant in college abort. I can’t imagine that their boyfriends are all supportive of them and willing to help them out during the next nine months if that many abort.


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