5 thoughts on “Quote of the day – comfortable Christianity?”

  1. Neil,
    Soooo true. And major props for quoting my boy Jack. Christianity is no “opiate for the masses”; rather, as Christ said, the Word is a sword. OUCH! It would be so much more comforting to believe that this life is all there is, and I would never be accountable for the things I do.


  2. Christianity is challenging because it is calling for constant self-evaluation. While this is true of other world religions, Christianity also provides a more detailed framework for interactions of community than the other world religions.
    This makes Christianity challenging within a personal and societal context.


  3. Neil,

    Excellent quote. I was thinking along the same lines for a quick response to the latest Jesus’ Tomb Scandal. That is, “let’s hope they find this Jesus, and find him Dead. That way, we can all move on with our evil lives. Christianity is too hard man!”



  4. A bit off this thread, but comment on the pictures:
    Kenya – My mother has done missionary volunteer work to Kenya on more than a few occassions. I well remember our small house, my father was/is an Evangelical pastor, often being filled with visitors from Africa.

    The bottom line is that people who are missionaries, like my parents, mostly my mom, volunteer and give time, effort and resources to help people that are truly in desparate need, again, my parents are superb role models of that quality, are in my estimation the noblest people that exist. Thank you for showing God’s love by loving your fellow man.

    Perhaps, that is for me the most difficult aspect of my walk of faith.


  5. Hi Voice – Thanks for the comments. What a blessing that your parents made such sacrifices and modeled that for you. They did a whole lot more than our team did. Going for just a couple weeks is a thrill, but nowhere near the sacrifice of picking up and moving there.

    I was late to pick up on the service part of the Christian life and still have plenty of gaps. But once I get started it becomes something I want to do, not have to do. It really grows over time. Though I still feel like I need to do a section for some balance on my web page, with pictures that have captions like, “Here I am being selfish” and “Here’s one of me being greedy and covetous!” When I step back and look at the whole thing it feels like spin, as in, “That isn’t the complete me.”


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