Weekly roundup

Angry Apostles of Atheism Attack – terrific analysis by Ben Witherington 

Why it is more important to be negative than positive when sharing the Gospel.  Somebody pass this along to Joel.

A few reasons an evolutionary origin of life is impossible

More media bias from the NY Times.  In a blatant anti-marriage piece they trumpeted that the majority of women live without a husband.  They had plenty of anti-marriage quotes to help sell the message.  Just a couple problems, though.  The author had to include “women” aged 15-19 in the unmarried category (You mean my 16 yr. old daughter has chosen to live without a husband for now?  Shocking!) and 9 million elderly widows (OK, they are living without a husband, but generally not by design, and they aren’t that marketable with respect to getting a new husband since they vastly outnumber men their ages).  He classified wives whose husbands were temporarily gone (work, military, jail) as “living without a husband.”  This was true in a hyper-technical sense, but obviously a sleight of hand move.  Yes, there has been an increase in divorce and unmarried women, but this bias is pathetic.  Hat tip: Verum Serum

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