Internet filters

I strongly encourage people to use Internet filters.  We use BSafe Online.  Yes, it can be annoying when you have to enter the password for sites you know are benign, but it is worth it. 

I simply can’t understand how any caring parents would give their kids unlimited access to the Internet.  The best illustration I have heard is this: Would you cram your kid’s unlocked closet full of pornography and then tell them not to go in there?  Of course not.  Then why would you provide unlimited access to all that and more on the Internet? 

2 thoughts on “Internet filters”

  1. I like internet accountability programs as well, such as Covenant Eyes or X3watch. CE costs $, but it scores various sites, and even if something slips by, someone can still look at the domain name, or see if you visit certain sites alot. The catch is you have to find someone to see your reports, and who won’t stumble if you do.


  2. Good tips, thanks. The accountability feature could be valuable. I think small groups are important for support, encouragement and accountability (though mine is currently on hiatus).


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