Quote of the day: “I thought creationists were monsters, until I married one”

Loving the enemy is an interesting Newsweek article by someone candidly confessing that she had unfairly stereotyped those who believe God created the universe. 

Before Rob, I hadn’t known any creationists. I assumed that they were people who believed in the Bible more than in scientific data, probably out of stupidity. Whenever I imagined what a creationist might look like, he or she was always standing up on a podium, passing judgment on all evolutionists, condemning them as nonbelievers and scorning them with hateful words. I wasn’t sure where these people lived, but I figured it was probably down South somewhere, or in the Midwest. Surely I’d never have to interact with any of them.

Oddly, she hadn’t met anyone who fulfilled her stereotype but she held it rather firmly.  I wonder where she picked it up?  It couldn’t have been from our public schools, the media or the entertainment industry, because they are all about accuracy, tolerance and fairness. 

Seriously, kudos to her for being open to new information.  Hopefully she’ll keep asking questions and will think about how she came to her conclusions.  And at least she is actively attending a church, unlike her “fundamentalist, creationist” husband.

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