Weekly roundup

Michelle Malkin on Rick Warren and his heavy-on-politics but light-on-the-Gospel approach.

College Women at Risk for Psychiatric Illness at Politically Correct Campuses

Peace in our time?  Not likely.  But we can have peace on earth today, in the sense of being at peace with God (see Luke 2:14).

The intolerance of tolerance.

Some Christmas history links, courtesy of TheChristianAlert.org.

One thought on “Weekly roundup”

  1. Merry Christmas Neil. Glad to see you are sounding the alarm about Rick Warren like Slice and other blogs. Rick Warren is no pastor as he claims to be. He is a wolf in sheep’s wool.

    At best he is a business club organizer. He coverts churches into Lions and Kiwanis Clubs. Sorry if I offend anyone in those organizations. My intention is not to put a bad light on those organizations.

    He preaches his own gospel but not the Lord’s gospel.

    Grace Alone by Faith Alone in Christ Alone


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