The Gnostic Gospels

Dan & Edgar from did some excellent homework on the Gnostic Gospels.  Click on any of the links below for concise and meaningful overviews.  It is useful to know at least a little about each one so you can address them when the subject comes up.

You can navigate to any of the summaries from any of the links below. 

Gospel of Mary | Gospel of Thomas | Gospel of Philip | Gospel of Judas


One thought on “The Gnostic Gospels”

  1. Hi Neil,

    Last night, I had a chance to listen to “The Missing Gospels: By Dr. Darrell Bock” on Moody Radio.

    In speaking about these “missing gospels” – Dr. Bock put it very nicely:

    These so called "Missing Books" never had a chance of making it to the cannon. Not because of their views on Jesus but because of their views on God. Gnosticism has a flawed view of God. God is not seen as a Good Creator. Moreover, Gnosticism says that Creation was the result of a mistake. In Contrast, Judaism says God created the world. And Christianity came out of Judaism; thus, these 'missing books' never had a chance [paraphrasing].



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