Barack Obama: Pro-partial birth abortion, among other things

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McCain is significantly better than Obama in every key area:

  • Pro-life – McCain has a track record of supporting good judges, while Obama is one of the the most extreme pro-abortion advocates I’ve heard of (and that is not an exaggeration – just keep reading).  Consider his bizarre standards for judges: Instead of picking people who can interpret the law honestly, he wants this: “We need somebody who’s got the heart, the empathy, to recognize what it’s like to be a young teenage mom. The empathy to understand what it’s like to be poor, or African-American, or gay, or disabled, or old. And that’s the criteria by which I’m going to be selecting my judges.”
  • McCain has much better fiscal policies.  Obama wants to take your money to give to his pet projects, but donates a pittance himself.  Giving other people’s money at the point of a gun is not charity.  “Spreading the wealth around” is socialism, and it doesn’t work.
  • We’ll be far, far safer with McCain.  Obama is relatively clueless about foreign affairs, would have us surrender in Iraq and set the Middle East progress back 50 years, and is so naive as to think we could or should eliminate nuclear weapons.
  • His energy policies will keep the cost of fuel up for decades.  McCain knows we need to drill now and get nuclear plants started asap.  This will provide jobs, reduce greenhouse emissions and reduce energy costs for us all.
  • Obama is anti-free speech.  Watch how they try to annihilate anyone who dares to even question him, such as Joe the Plumber.  He and the Democrats will want to impose the deceptively named Fairness Doctrine, so they can try to silence conservative radio while leaving the grossly biased mainstream media untouched.
  • McCain pays his female staffers more, on the average, than his male staffers; Obama, however, pays women $0.83 for every dollar earned by men.”
  • Obama is not about change at all.  He is about the same old liberal politics.  McCain is the poster boy for real change – whether you agree with the change or not – and for reaching across the aisle. 
  • Obama lies when saying he’ll reduce taxes for 95% of the people.  Nearly half don’t pay taxes, so it is impossible to lower theirs.  He is just talking about more welfare.
  • He will be pro-gay marriage.  Just wait.

Barack Obama, hero and “savior” of the left, isn’t just pro-abortion, he’s pro-partial birth abortion.   80% of the population disagrees with this stance, so be sure to tell others.  Just Google “obama partial birth abortion letter” or something similar if you want more sources. He is against informed consent and parental notification.  In his world, your junior high daughter needs your permission to take an aspirin but not to have an abortion.

He reveals his deceptiveness and/or ignorance with his latest ads trying to say that McCain will make abortion illegal. But overturning Roe doesn’t make abortion illegal. It returns the power to the states – to the people – and lets them decide. California, Massachusetts, NY, etc. can keep killing the unborn all they like.

He also defended the rights of hospitals in Illinois to let children die outside the womb by repeatedly opposing the Born Alive Infant Protection Act against infanticide and he is against parental notification laws.

He lies over and over on his views.  He is as radically pro-abortion as one can be.  Read this thorough analysisby Randy Alcorn to see what I mean.

In his July 17, 2007 speech to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund he said,

“We know that a woman’s right to make a decision about how many children she wants to have and when— without government interference—is one of the most fundamental freedoms we have in this country. . . . I have worked on this issue for decades now. I put Roe at the center of my lesson plan on reproductive freedom when I taught constitutional law. . . So, you know where I stand. . . The first thing I’d do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. That’s the first thing that I’d do.”

If you don’t know about the Freedom of Choice Act, it was written by the most radical proabortion activists because they saw informed consent and parental consent laws being passed at the state level. They wanted something powerful that would dismantle anything that could serve to reduce abortions through requiring that people be told the truth before an abortion or before their sixteen year old, who can’t be given an aspirin without their permission, can have an abortion.

Here’s a piece on the audacity of being an abortion survivor.  Remember, Obama doesn’t just see the right of unrestricted abortions in the Constitution, he sees the right to a corpse. If the abortion fails, then that shouldn’t be a barrier to a dead human.

Obama is lying about others lying– will the MSM check the facts and let voters know his real stand on abortion, partial birth abortion (aka infanticide) and his opposition to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act?

Obama wants change . . . except when it comes to abortion as birth control, inside the womb or outside it.

Obama wants you . . .

  • to pay for abortion!
  • to sanction the killing of infants born alive!
  • to believe that pregnancy is a “punishment”!
  • to accept partial birth abortion!
  • to forget his close association with radical abortion groups like NARAL and PP!
  • to endorse liberal activist Supreme Court Judges that support abortion in the 9th month!
  • to embrace a culture of death!

Listen to his own words, plus his silly comment about the question of when life begins being above his pay grade:

He couldn’t be more clear about his plans:

See The Infanticide Shibboleth for more.  Simply put, Obama is super-duper pro-abortion, and pro-infanticide as well.

He doesn’t even hide his hostility towards preborn human beings.  Consider this quote (emphasis added):

“Look, I got two daughters — 9 years old and 6 years old,” he said. “I am going to teach them first about values and morals, but if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

News flash: Sex has consequences – emotional, physical and spiritual.  Destroying – and I do mean destroying – the evidence doesn’t take the consequences away.   

Despite being portrayed as a moderate, he is also against traditional marriage, including the Defense of Marriage Act

He has bad theology, thinking that other religions will get you to Heaven (of course, our current President is guilty of saying this nonsense as well). 

More hypocrisy: He wants to take lots of your money for his pet liberal causes, but donates a pittance himself.  Once again, folks, charity is when you give your own money, not when you force others at gunpoint to support your causes.

I can’t believe he threw his grandmother under the bus.  If anyone uttered “typical black person,” their political career would be over.  Yet he gets a pass for saying, “typical white person.”

Updates: Click here for a long list of reasons why he would make a bad President.

61 thoughts on “Barack Obama: Pro-partial birth abortion, among other things”

  1. Abortion has it`s place in society. I would have had one -had I found myself pregnant and single with a small child. I would have done everything to to avoid it -but if it had happened. I would have had an abortion rather than explain to the child I had why I couldn`t keep this baby.A child is not a child until it can survive outside the womb!!!!!


  2. Kelly, thanks for your eloquent input, but I find that less than persuasive.

    Scientific fact: Life begins at conception. Check any embryology textbook.

    What is alive? A human being.

    What does abortion destroy? A human being.

    I really hope you never kill your unborn child. You will always regret it.

    “Child” is just a state of development, e.g., human fetus, human newborn, human toddler, human teen, etc.

    Human beings have intrinsic value at all stages of development and should not be destroyed for the reasons you cited.


  3. Neil, your views on Obama are off base as are your views on McCain / Palin. Each of us are given the right to choose: whether believe is Christ as Savior or not, Democrat or Republican, speak or not. I am not qualified nor are you nor is any body that walks on this planet (not speaking from a legal standpoint), to cast judgement on another. My life as a Christian is accountable to God and Scripture, by which I base my faith in Him. My faith and my citizenship; however, are two different aspects of my life. The folks that try to stand up for what is “right’ (in this case i’m referring to voting for McCain / Palin) are mistaken in believing they are the right choice for America. This is an advanced citizenship, young in relation to the rest of the world, but a foundation of corrupt leaders that too claimed to be “religious” Now when speaking of religious I mean to not confuse that with a relationship with God. In our current day and age it seems these are not one and the same as God intended. Some put on the face of religion and claim this and that which may be in line with some translation of scripture; however, they have no relationship with God on a personal level. As, I can’t judge that and nobody really knows we have to go on what they say, and their actions. In addition, the office of President is a public office of service to the entire population of the United States, a legal position. It is not a spiritual position or religious position in our lives. McCain / Palin, their campaign for example there was division in their own cabinet. Hidden agendas and altered motives. Yes they spoke of pro-life and anti abortion and that is their choice as is their choice to be Republican. However, when serving the people of a free country the basic rights of those people should be left to the people. should a woman choose to take matters into her own hands, well then she will be accountable for that on God’s terms, whether she is a believer or not. All will be exposed. The problem is trying to mix church and state (of course they should be separated). Does God want to force us to believe in Him and force us to align our lives with His will? NO. God wants us to come to Him as children. Respecting His Majesty, aspiring to imitate Christ, living our own lives in His will. Our government leaders have no place in deciding for each of us what is best in matters so critical to our own personal existence. The taking of a life is disgusting; but you may be forgetting all those that died for the sake of the “Church” when this country was founded. When this continent was discovered. What was God’s role in that Neil? Seriously, do we believe that man’s interpretation of God is infallible? Man in anything and you will have a problem. So, Obama as president is an economically & socially responsible choice for this country at this time in our existence. His personal thoughts on pro-life and abortion I feel would be more in line with scripture than whay you think; however, in the public office of Presidency he serves a greater population than that of his own household. Therefore, our responsibility is to elect the candidate that is going to properly balance the extremely trying and diverse times we are now facing. God’s plan is still at work. Christ is still coming back again. Neither Obama or McCain will have an impact on that, nor should either have an impact on the relationship we each have or don’t have with God. Obviously, this argument is age old. These are the end days. People forced into “righteousness” will be less likely to understand the reason as opposed to the free will to choose to believe and trust in God as Savior and Lord.


  4. However, when serving the people of a free country the basic rights of those people should be left to the people. should a woman choose to take matters into her own hands, well then she will be accountable for that on God’s terms, whether she is a believer or not.

    Hi xtype56, thanks for visiting. That seemed like a lot of judging for someone who says we’re not qualified to judge anyone.

    Your notion about abortion being a “basic right” begs the question. It assumes there isn’t another human being in the equation. But science clearly shows that abortion kills an innocent human being, and that denies a basic right to the unborn.

    Our government leaders have no place in deciding for each of us what is best in matters so critical to our own personal existence.

    But you are ignoring that abortion isn’t critical to our existence, but banning it is critical to the existence of unborn human beings.

    The problem is trying to mix church and state (of course they should be separated).

    So the state needs to do the opposite of what the church says? That would mean that murder should be legal for those inside the womb and outside, as well as stealing.

    But wait — some churches disagree, so the state will typically agree with some of them. What now?!

    How about if people gain a proper understanding of the 1st Amendment and realize that it protects religious freedoms and does not restrict them. Then perhaps they would stop drawing such illogical conclusions about it.

    P.S. I agree that faith can’t be coerced, though I would note that I have never suggested it could or should be. I’m just saying that it is wrong for Christians or non-Christians to support the legal crushing and dismembering of innocent human beings.


  5. Hi American Texan,

    That link had some great Q&A, so thanks for sharing it.

    I don’t mind if they use “fetus,” either, provided they use it properly: Human fetus (as in a stage of human development, such as human embryo, human fetus, human toddler, etc.).

    Another thing Obama is poised to do is to have gov’t funding of embryonic stem cell research.


  6. Hey this is great….Obama, by executive order, plans on increasing abortion by funding it overseas:

    Also, Planned parenthoods president and abortion activist Cecile Richards shares her take on Obamas help to the abortion industry:

    more funding for abortions

    more funding for stem cell research

    abortion for military women overseas

    Forcing doctors to do prescribe what they consider morally objectionable

    etc etc

    I thought Obama wanted to help lower abortion rates???

    How will Chuck Currie and all the other social gospelists justify this one?


  7. Yep. The media did an effective job of hiding is pro-abortion views. That is part of the “change” he promised. More abortions, including around the world. More embryonic stem cell research, even though private financing has no interest in it and it has yet to provide any real hope. It is all about advancing the abortion agenda. It is very important to the pro-aborts that human embryos are not considered to be human beings (even though that is profoundly anti-science).


  8. I think this nation is destined to Hades in a hand basket. How cna we legalize abortion, smae sex marriage, cuvil unions, common law marriage, flaunt pagan symbols on our currency, promote cheap dollar a day labor in Third World Countires, evict Him from our school and Constitutional State Affairs and have the audacity to blasphamously declare on our pagan currency “In God We Trust!!!” What god, the sun god Rah of the Pyramid on our dollar bill? Or The Eye of Horus above the Pyramid. Or the Zionist Six Point Star of David above the 13 Feathered Illuminati Illuminati Eagle satanic baphomet. What’s next, cloning of a near perfect better made than the Creator version of the Third Adam? My bad. Didn’t mean to give some mad scientist wannabe Dr. Frankenstein no ideas…


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