Weekly roundup

Christianity taught by an atheist – interesting and challenging video.

Don’t pay Apple $59 plus S&H to replace your iPod battery.  Try a place like this.  It seems to have worked well for my daughter’s Mini.  More tips at CNET.

Important scriptural principles about government – Hat tip: RedBlueChristian

More from the Religion of Peace: They won’t rest until they reach Jerusalem and destroy the White House.  I think they mean it. 

Are conservatives more generous?  One researcher think so.  I’m sure those that read this blog are.  The article didn’t give many statistics, so hopefully more factoids will come out when the book is published.  I recall a Barna study that showed the only statistically significant difference among givers were those who classified themselves as having a “Biblical worldview.”

I like Internet Explorer 7 overall.  Having tabs for all my open Internet Explorer windows is a big help, and opening a group of favorites all at once is handy. 

Animals in the womb – very cool photos!  Might even make the PETA crowd pro-life. 

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