Christianity confronts Islam

One of the Podcasts I listen to is the White Horse Inn, a group of reformed theologians.  I don’t agree with everything they say but the show is quite good. 

I highly recommend that you go to this site and listen to the October 1 and October 8 shows.  You can listen online or download the MP3 files for free.  The host interviews “former Muslim and professor of Sharia Law, Sam Solomon, about the true nature of Islam and the significant threat it presents, not only to the western world in general, but specifically to all weak and sentimental forms of the Christian faith . . . and the confrontation between Islamic and Western cultures, and the theological convictions at the root of this conflict.” 

Solomon is fascinating in that he knows both Christianity and Islam inside and out and explains their beliefs very clearly. 

When I hear Christians say, “Allah and the God of the Bible are the same,” I want to ask, “Really?  Tell me three things about Islam that brought you to that conclusion.”  These recordings are a great way to learn some of the basics of what the Koran really teaches and just how different Christianity and Islam are.

Here’s a somewhat related article highlighting the smart and firm things Australia is telling radical Muslims.   I wish our politically correct leaders had the guts to say the same things to our legal and illegal immigrants and to those trying to implement Sharia Law bit by bit.

7 thoughts on “Christianity confronts Islam”

  1. John MacArthur wrote a informative book titled “Terrorism, Jihad, and the Bible” just after the 9/11 terrorist attack. Good reading.


  2. I’m sorry to see you think this way about Islam. Islam is a pure Abrahamic monotheism with great respect all the Biblical prophets (peace be on them all) and the prophet Jesus “the Spirit and the Word of God” (peace be on him). It’s even impossible to find in the Qur’an the disagreeable actions and moral weaknessess that are attributed by the Hebrew Bible to some of the prophets (peace be on them).

    The extremists among us are a minority whose actions and way of thinking are disapproved or condemned by the majority of the sensible and devout Muslims on the grounds of their incompatibility with the message of “mercy” that the last prophet (peace be on him) delievered.

    We Muslims are mostly lacking in our Islamic knowledge. That’s why some of us have not realized that you become a good Muslim when you are merciful like the Infinitely Merciful (=ar-Raheem and ar-Rahmaan) only God Himself and not when you hate those who fail to believe in the most correct way. Many Christians don’t know Christianity very well either… So let us Christians and Muslims teach our own co-religionists our shared religious principles of mercy and love instead of teaching them to hate the other monotheists.

    Mehmed Mustafa

    P.S. I once saw the link to your blog somewhere on wordpress and found some posts interesting and then bookmarked it. It was now that I could come back and write a few of my two cents in this free time of mine. Nothing else that is a special reason for my posting. 🙂


  3. Hi Mehmed,

    Thanks for visiting and commenting. I appreciate your tone and that you are not an extremist.

    I have a Muslim employee and we get along splendidly, and I have respect for the pro-family and pro-life views of many Muslims I’ve known.

    I agree that many Christians don’t know their faith well and that many people in other faiths don’t know their’s any better.

    I do like to make clear to my Muslim friends that we can’t both be right. Among other things, the Koran teaches that Jesus did not die on the cross, and Christianity teaches that He did that to die for our sins and that He rose again. I find the evidence for the Christain view to be quite compelling and have put my faith in Jesus. I know of no evidence for the Muslim view. All we have is Mohammad getting this “revelation” over 500 years later.

    Peace to you, and thanks again for visiting. I hope you stop back.


  4. Surely Islam and Christianity can’t be the straight path and the pure faith at the same time as there’re important differences in some fundamental beliefs. However, especially in the area of the basic Abrahamic monotheism and many fundamental moral values, we have much that we can both be right about. As Muslims, Christians and Jews, we all believe in the same One God and the same prophetic tradition (peace be on all the prophets). As monotheists who all claim to follow the path of the great prophet Abraham (peace be on him), we need to engage in sincere interfaith dialogue and act together in the intellectual and moral struggle against the worldwide movement of secularization and the ‘secular religion’ that is eroding monotheistic pure morals and making people go away from God and making them lose their respect and love for Him.

    There mustn’t be a struggle between the “western civilization” and the Islamic one. God doesn’t tell us to act in the name of races, nations or civilizations. He tells us to act for righteousness and His pleasure. He doesn’t care about the region that we come from but cares about the faith and the goodness in our hearts and about the love that we hold for Him and for the entirety of His creation with no discrimination.


  5. Hi Mehmed,

    Thanks for stopping back. I’m glad we agree that we can’t both possibly have the “pure faith.”

    I do agree that we have some things in common. The Muslims I know (including one who works for me currently) are very pro-family and such.

    I disagree that Allah and the God of the Bible are the same, though. We worship Jesus as God and Islam does not. That’s a pretty big difference.

    I share your concerns about secularization and such, but I don’t see how we can work together on spiritual matters. God teaches us not to be unequally yoked spiritually with non-believers, and I believe the Koran would tell you something similar. That doesn’t mean we can’t have some common issues we care about (i.e., I am happy to see Atheists for life, Muslism for life, etc.), but we could never partner on spiritual matters.

    I agreed with most of your last paragraph.



  6. I think most Muslims do not believe in Jesus, and some Muslims had made an attempt to transform America and Europe into the Islamic states. They will force people to become Muslims, also some Muslims wanted to destroy Christianity as much as possible. In North Africa, Islamic Terrorists killed lots of christians ( catholics and protestants),and Islamic Terrorists had blew up many christian churches with bombs. Some Muslims says christians are Idolaters and Jesus is an Idol. Some Muslims hated christians. Iam not a racist, but Iam telling you the truth, believe me, but I don’t want to marry a Muslim because he might will not allow me to a christian.


  7. I think one day, Islam will make a plan to destroy Christianity. Islam is one of the most powerful Religions in the world. Islam always had persecuted Christians in many countries. I had heard of the Pastor in South Korea had claimed she saw Prophet Muhammed was in Hell and he cried out to deaf ears of hardhearted unrepentant Muslims. Muslims be warned! If Islam will destroy Christianity, Muslims and their families MUST go to Hell.


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