The Gospel of John movie

gospelofjohn.jpgThis word-for-word adaptation of the Gospel of John is the best Bible-based movie I have seen. It came out a few months before the Passion of the Christ and got great reviews, but it didn’t have the same publicity. I thought they should have re-marketed it after the Passion came out and said, “You saw the Passion, now see the rest of the story.” My only quibble is that they used the Good News paraphrase of the Bible instead of a more common translation.

There are always challenges when reading the Bible out loud, because we don’t know where the original emphases were. Sadly, that leads many of us to read in a monotone.

It must be even harder to act it out. And how do you play Jesus? Yet this cast and crew did a great job with the acting, casting and sets.

I have used the movie to teach a Bible study at work and for our adult Sunday School class. There is something different about seeing it acted out. Many long-time Bible readers noted that they picked up new things when watching it. I encouraged everyone to read it as well, and many read along as they watched the movie.

We would watch two chapters per week (roughly 25 minutes), then I would ask some basic Bible study questions such as, “What portion stands out to you? Is there an example to follow? Is there a promise to claim?” The discussion flowed from there.

8 thoughts on “The Gospel of John movie”

  1. Wow! Excellent entry. I’ve seen the movie at my local rental place but – was never sure if I should take the time to check it out. Now, I will do that. They also have “Revelations” which is supposed to be based on the Bible Book. Have you heard of that one?



  2. I haven’t heard about Revelations. That would be a tough movie to film, given all the special effects required.
    I also saw the Visual Book of Acts. It wasn’t as well done as The Gospel of John but I still found that it really helped me follow the action. You have to overlook a poorly done ascension scene and James Brolin seemed rather stiff as Peter.


  3. Take a closer look at any Jesus “movie”, then answer the question,
    do the speaking lines include any of the complete 63 commandments as spoken by Jesus, in context. Yes___ No___

    Listen to your holy men, have they ever taught you, The soldiers asked, “what shall we do?” They were told, “do violence to no man…”
    or “resit not evil”, how about, “it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, then a rich man to get into heaven.
    Finaly, Jesus said to become perfect sell or you have and give it to the POOR, he did not say give it to the church, Read Matthew 5,6 and 7
    1st CHR 17:3 “Word of God”


  4. Hi, I started a blog on the Gospel of John film. This is the greatest film! I have seen it at least four times and got my own copy to loan out to people. Hope you enjoy my blog!


  5. When I read John I for the first time after I was saved.. it blew me away.
    Before I was saved, I was deep into scientology and unsatisfied. I would pick up a bible and struggle to understand it. But when I became a Christian I suddenly could understand it. In fact… when witnessing to people I could quote scriptures that I had never really put to memory.
    Well, when I read John I for the first time it became clear. Jesus is and always been THE WORD. Ok, when I received Christ inside me… therefore I also received His word inside me. Now, when I read the Bible, I am coming into understanding with that which inside me. Before then, it was foreign to me… even hidden from me. That was an awesome revelation to me. Love you.


  6. this is not word for word from the gospel of john. they leave out much of the gospel, such as the vine and the branches (john 15), john 10:10, and more. the movie is good but should not be billed as a word for word movie of the gospel of john


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