2 Peter overview


This is an overview of 2 Peter.  I almost skipped this overview since we just did the overview of 1 Peter.  But this book has a much different focus.  While 1 Peter focused on external dangers and hardships (the suffering from the persecution for being Christians), 2 Peter focuses on internal dangers of false teachers.    Christianity has fought a two front war from its earliest days: From those who would persecute it from the outside and those who would distort its teachings from the inside.   

Who wrote it: Peter, one of the twelve Apostles who followed Jesus during his earthly ministry.  Peter was brash and outspoken.  He denied Jesus three times the night before the crucifixion of Jesus (just as Jesus predicted he would) but was restored to fellowship later and became a key leader of the early church.   Also see the 1 Peter overview

When written: Roughly A.D. 67, about 3 years after 1 Peter was written.  Peter was killed for his faith shortly after this was written. 

Why was it written: Jesus warned against false teachers, and much of the New Testament carries similar warnings and corrects false teachings.  Also see Doctrine Counts.

One thought on “2 Peter overview”

  1. What I find fascinating is that ‘these’ so called ‘bad’ teachers actually get a following. Not only that, even after you call them out, they keep on going. For of course, you’re just jealous of their success, their blessings, and ministry…or so they say…

    Good Series. I’m reading Isaiah – and I can’t wait for your commentary on that one…



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