Servant evangelism

I wanted to share this story from my sister-in-law (and Godmother to J, daughter #2), a passionate pro-life Christian and all-around great person to be around.  She and my brother-in-law are raising an outstanding son who has one of the biggest hearts around.   She describes something I read about once, where church groups do things for free such as washing cars for strangers.  And I mean really free – it isn’t one of those things where you say it is “free” but you really want donations.  They would literally refuse donations.  

Sometimes just getting people to talk and offering to pray for them can lead to more in-depth spiritual discussions and sharing the Gospel with words.   Many people need to have their “reset” button pushed so they stop and consider what Christianity really means.  Read and enjoy.

We have this AWESOME new minister, right outta Seminary . . . he is “into” something called “servant evangelism”. 

Our first experience with it at our church was last Saturday.  He called FOUR gas stations in town to find ONE who would allow the Youth Group (and some adults) to GIVE AWAY ten dollars worth of  gasoline at a time.  The minister took it out of his discretionary fund.  When someone pulled up, a group of 2-3 people approached the  driver “Could we please give you $10 worth of free gas?”  The response was always … “WHY?” … then, the response would be “for no reason, just to let you know that God loves you today” or “for just a random act of kindness” or whatever struck the person at the time, to say. Then, they’d offer to pump gas and clean the windows.

IT WAS AMAZING!!  Eric and I participated with a group of about 15 people.  So many incredible stories . . . one guy pulled up in a motorcycle . . . He only needed to top off, and it was $2.53.  He said I could use some prayers, though . . . “I am on my way to ‘run’ in honor of my daughter who was just diagnosed with Leukemia.”  

Another woman wanted prayers for her sick mom.   When prayers were requested, a group would gather around that person, and lay on hands.  Fr. Marcus also wanted us to be “servants” of the gas station, because they were the only ones to accept our offer.  So, we cleaned windows and swept the entire store.

My favorite story was a guy just shrugged, “Na, I’m fine” and rushed past me to go in the store.  Apparently, the workers told him what was going on.  He came back out and looked me in the eye . . . “What is going on?  Where are you from?” . . .  “I have never heard of such a thing . . . to do this . . . and not want anything in return.” 

I told him the church name, but said, “We are not here to promote our church, we are just here to be servants and to let you know that God loves you today.”  By this time, he was completely softened and said, “I’m a florist, and I want to drop off some flowers to your church.”  The transformation in his mood was what really touched me.

Anyway, we went back to the church for pizza, to regroup, and to tell stories.  We gave away $310 worth of gas in about 2 hours.  We were ALL so touched how the Lord was in the midst of it all.


One thought on “Servant evangelism”

  1. This is a wonderful story – especially coming from a Church. That is, we’ve all heard of the “Payback” movie, and – of course – Karma is everywhere too. So it is good to hear that a Church is actively telling the world: No Karma, no Payback… Just God’s Love



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